Our attendance at three high profile industry events

Circular Economy Poster

The first event held on the 26th April was the WRc Innovation Day. The theme for this year’s event being ‘Delivering Knowledge in a Relationship Economy’.

Jim Panton attended the event and were delighted to be involved. Jim explains, “The WRc is well known as being a key event for innovative technology and it is always oversubscribed, it was great to be successful in receiving a place based on our range of services.”

“It was also great to spend time with other innovative suppliers and consultants. Some of the conversations held, and connections made on the day look like they could lead to future collaborations.”

“We were really pleased with the particular interest in two of the most recent additions to our portfolio of services, these include the MTA Pipeline Inspector and Tomahawk mains preparation system.”

The second event was the Circular Economy Leaders Summit on the 31st May held in Edinburgh. The summit which was the first of its kind in Scotland was a great opportunity for emerging and existing leaders in Scotland’s water and environmental sector to network with each other and discuss the challenges and opportunities for the future of water and wastewater.

Jim Panton not only attended but was part of the organising team through his role as Scottish Area President of the Institute of Water. Jim is also a member of the Scottish Government’s Hydro Nation forum who also supported the event. Jim was pleased with the turn out on the day, and even more excited about the potential impact the summit can have, “The circular economy is still quite a new term to some people but I think it will become much more mainstream over the next 12-18 months.”

“I think the UK water industry is ideally placed to help build an awareness of the concept of the circular economy and why it is so important.”

“I thoroughly enjoyed the event and would encourage anyone who is interested in finding out more about the circular economy to check out the resources available online.” Click here for more information.

The third event (still in the planning stages at the time of writing) is the Institute of Water Annual Conference held in Manchester between 14th and 16th June. The conference which is the flagship event in the Institute of Water calendar is titled “Together We Achieve More” and consists of a number of events including the national AGM, a ‘Meet the Leaders’ sessions, President’s Dinner, Saint Gobain social event and a 2 day fully packed conference.

You can visit our stand during the conference to learn more about the range of services on offer, the stand will also feature the chance to experience the inside of treated water storage assets without getting wet through a VR experience.

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