Our Aquatic Arsenal: New ROVs Boost Inspection and Maintenance Capabilities

With recent additions to our fleet of cutting-edge ROVs, including two introduced last year and another pair joining just last month, we are set to enhance our underwater inspections and maintenance services.

These new ROVs feature state-of-the-art ultra-definition 4K cameras, delivering unmatched clarity and precision in underwater imaging. Combined with advanced stabilisation technology, these machines hold position with remarkable accuracy, even during challenging jobs.

As specialists in drinking water asset services, our ROV equipment is carefully chosen to mitigate water quality risks. We ensure that our ROVs have no batteries on board or in the water on all drinking water projects, and all materials in contact with water adhere to relevant regulations. It’s important to note that many ROVs available do not meet potable water requirements.

But the impact of this expansion extends beyond just technological advancements. With the expansion of our ROV capacity, Panton McLeod can now deploy more teams simultaneously, enhancing project efficiency and turnaround times.

This expansion reaffirms our position as a leader in underwater inspection and maintenance services.

“Our commitment to innovation and excellence is at the core of everything we do, these new additions to our fleet represent a significant milestone in our journey to provide the highest quality services to our clients.” – Jim Panton, Executive Director.

For more information visit: https://pantonmcleod.co.uk/rov-inspections