Beet it to the leaks with our new:

Tank Leak Finder

Our ROV technology includes the ability to inject food-safe coloured dye directly onto areas within a water tank to visually assess whether a crack or hole in the structure is passing water out of (or in extreme cases against the inherent internal pressure into) a water storage structure.

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Last year Scottish Water introduced a new TWSP ROV Inspection Work Instruction and our Beetroot food colouring has been trialled and confirmed as suitable for use, and we couldn't be more excited! Not only is it food grade and organic, but it's also completely safe for use in drinking water.

We use this innovative dye during our tank leak finder service to help identify leaks in drinking water tanks. It's like a beet-a-boo game, but for leaks! With this new tool, we can pinpoint leaks in no time, allowing for targeted and cost-effective repairs, saving our clients time and money.

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Leak detection traditionally starts in the vast network of distribution pipes spanning thousands of miles. However, we go beyond, acknowledging the significance of storage assets in maintaining flows and fluctuations.

Despite their critical role, these assets aren't always 100% water-tight, making their leaks just as vital to identify and address.

Protecting Water Supply, One Leak at a Time

Proactive leak detection minimizes water wastage, promoting responsible water resource management.


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