Tank Leak Finder

Leak detection and sealing is an enormous priority for water providers.  The starting point for finding leaks is without question in the thousands of miles of distribution pipes that move water from A to B.

However - along those journeys there are also thousands of important storage assets that play a critical part in help maintain flows and fluctuations along the way.  In our experience these are not always 100% water-tight and with vast pressures being exerted from the large volumes being stored - leaking from these assets should be as important to find and stop as is the case with pipes.

Our ROV technology includes the ability to inject food-safe coloured dye directly onto areas within a water tank to visually assess whether a crack or hole in the structure is passing water out of (or in extreme cases against the inherent internal pressure into) a water storage structure.

The video on this page shows what this looks like in a leaking example that we discovered with this technology.


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