Inspection & Cleaning Specialists

We are dedicated to supporting clients to protect, maintain and improve potable water quality within treatment and distribution systems using our robotic technology and advanced cleaning techniques.


Underwater ROV surveys now include the option for converting the HD video into interactive surveys and digital twin models with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning that accurately replicate physical assets.

The software learns common faults and can then automatically locate those on digital models across the network and compares fault changes over time to predict the best time for intervention.


We clean hundreds of treated water assets each year. We have the equipment, products, skills and experience to support even the most challenging projects including DWI approved cryptosporidium effective products. Whether your asset is drained or remains in supply we have a solution for you.

Responding to the needs of the industry we pioneered the use of Robotic technology within the UK potable water market over the past 17 years, with our fleet of Robotic Reservoir cleaners.


Panton McLeod’s new high-tech confined space drone reaches places other options can’t do as safely and as cost effectively. If you value quality insights as well as safety, then this option is for you.

Watch our short demo of what we can do and where we can go with our latest tech addition to our inspection options. Keep your workforce out of harm’s way while performing flawless inspections right from the first flight using cutting edge drone data capture capabilities.

How to Maintain the Perfect Service Reservoir

Most of our clients face several challenges in managing treated water storage in a water distribution network.

These are the steps we have seen work well in the maintenance of the perfect service reservoir. From monitoring and inspection to the latest in digital twin models, if you are involved in the distribution network then this video is for you!


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