Inspection, Cleaning & Water Asset Performance Specialists

We are dedicated to supporting our clients with their public, private, or industrial water quality and water asset performance needs.

Fast, safe and cost-effective water quality inspections identify key risks, help plan maintenance, reduce the cost of whole life ownership and drive better asset performance.

Asset data is captured either with the asset out of service and empty or while full and, in some cases, still in live service - including in treated drinking water.

This can be done with fully qualified confined space entry inspections when that is the only option or is part of other activities such as cleaning. Using dedicated remote observation equipment such as ROVs, outdoor and indoor drones or other bespoke data gathering platforms significantly reduces H&S risks, costs and disruptions to service.  


We clean hundreds of water assets each year. These range in size from small private storage tanks up to Utility owned Service Reservoirs larger than football stadiums. We have the equipment, products, skills and experience to support even the most challenging projects including our own range of PM chemical biocidal cleaning agents that have been in use since the early 1990s in UK and since 2008 in the US.

With our fleet of Robotic Underwater Cleaners as part of our offerings, we are particularly proud to have responded to the innovation needs of the UK potable drinking water market over the last 17 years as we both introduced and continue to pioneer the use of underwater cleaning technology in drinking water as well as in other water assets.


We offer a range of additional offerings over and above inspection and cleaning, that are designed to further support our clients as they look to improve the performance of their water assets.

This includes; Mixers and Residual Control Systems for treated water, Confined Space Entry Support, Water Quality Consulting relevant to our key areas of expertise and Minor Repairs on water storage tanks.

See our Services section for more details on these offerings.

A Combined Service Offering

Most of our clients face several challenges in managing their water assets.

The starting point is often an inspection to better understand the challenge.  Routine maintenance is essential and performance upgrades reduce future challenges.


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