Market Leaders in Reservoir Cleaning

Cleaning hundreds of treated water assets each year, we have the equipment, products, skills, and experience to support even the most challenging projects, including Reg 31 approved Cryptosporidium effective products. Whether your asset is drained during the work or remains in supply we have a solution for you.

Responding to the needs of the industry, we have pioneered the use of robotic technology within the UK potable water market over the past 17 years. With our fleet of robotic reservoir cleaners, we can clean reservoirs previously inaccessible to maintenance activities while they remain ‘online’ and ‘live into supply’.

These services have allowed our clients to clean these problem reservoirs and therefore protect stored water quality across their entire asset base whilst reducing unnecessary water wastage and eliminating the risk of interruption to supply associated with reducing available storage.

Benefit & Feature Comparison - Confined Space Methods
Benefit Washdown & Chlorination PM55 Cleaning PM88 Cleaning
Clean Sludge from Floor Yes Yes Yes
Clean loose deposits from walls Yes Yes Yes
Remove standard Fe and Mn Bio-fouling No Yes Yes
Remove Heavy Fe and Mn Biofouling No Partial Yes
Effective Against Cryptosporidium No Partial Yes
Remove Diesel Contamination No No Yes
Remove Solvents No No Yes
Serious Bacteriological Contamination No No Yes


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