Tank Cleaning (Water Storage)

Cleaning hundreds of treated water assets each year, we have the equipment, products, skills, and experience to support even the most challenging projects, including enhanced cleaning products that are effective against bio-foul staining and laboratory proven to neutralise Cryptosporidium.
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    How we clean tanks

    Using our PM Cleaning System we can remove biofouling through a low pressure/chemical process delivered in a wide spray. This allows application to much larger areas and as we use extending lances scaffolding isn't required.

    Watch our video to learn more about biofouling:

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    Drinking Water Service Reservoirs

    Ensure the purity of your drinking water supply with our expert tank inspection and cleaning services. Over time, biofouling and sediment buildup can affect the quality of water in SR tanks. Trust us to keep your water clean and safe, with inspections and cleanings recommended every 5 years.
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    Raw Water Tanks

    Don't let your raw water tanks become breeding grounds for sediment and sludge. Many of these tanks have never been properly maintained, leading to issues further down the network. Our specialized services are designed to remove sand and sludge, ensuring a smooth and efficient water distribution system.
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    Chlorine Contact Tanks

    Protect the structural integrity of your tanks. Lime buildup in these tanks can harden over time, potentially causing damage to the asset. Our expert team is here to safeguard your infrastructure and ensure the continued performance of your tanks.
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    Process Tanks

    Safeguard against Legionella and waterborne diseases with our comprehensive cleaning services. Neglecting regular cleaning can allow Legionella to thrive, posing health risks to anyone in contact with the water. Let us ensure your process tanks meet the highest standards of safety and hygiene.
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    Industrial Storage Tanks

    Water is stored for a variety of different reasons in different industries, whether that is for fire suppression, irrigation, manufacturing etc. Wherever water is stored, sediment builds and bacteriological activity and growth takes place. Our services for cleaning and/or inspection are equally valid in all of these different storage assets.
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    Cooling Tower Sumps

    No need to take systems off-line when our underwater robotic cleaning and inspections can access cooling system sumps while online. Remove sediment before it causes problems without losing time or money on costly shut downs.

    Whether your asset is drained during the work or remains in supply we have a solution for you!

    Our services have allowed our clients to clean their problem reservoirs and therefore protect stored water quality across their entire asset base whilst reducing unnecessary water wastage and eliminating the risk of interruption to supply associated with reducing available storage.

    That's not all!

    We can also support you with:

    Confined Space Entry

    We are also able to offer Confined Space Entry support to our clients.

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    ROV Underwater Cleaning

    Responding to the needs of the industry we pioneered the use of robotic technology within the UK potable water market over the past 18 years.

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    Emergency Shower Units

    Inspection and cleaning of Emergency Shower Units (ESUs)

    Learn More
    Benefit Washdown & Chlorination PM55 Cleaning PM88 Cleaning
    Clean Sludge from Floor Yes Yes Yes
    Clean loose deposits from walls Yes Yes Yes
    Remove standard Fe and Mn Bio-fouling No Yes Yes
    Remove Heavy Fe and Mn Biofouling No Partial Yes
    Effective Against Cryptosporidium No Partial Yes
    Remove Diesel Contamination No No Yes
    Remove Solvents No No Yes
    Serious Bacteriological Contamination No No


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