ROV Sampling

At Panton McLeod, we offer a comprehensive range of services for customers of all sizes. That's why we're recognised as market leaders in Water Quality Engineering, with over 20 years industry knowledge and experience.

Our ROV technology includes the ability to attach a water sample line that can draw a specific water sample from any point in the water storage asset.  Without this the only sample that can be taken from a storage tank or asset is from the sample tap or via a dip sample through a hatch.  This only shows the water quality at that specific point.

The ROV is capable of moving to any point of the tank to take multiple samples in order to then compare water quality across the asset.  Water quality often deviates across an asset or in corners where the flow through is slower.  Getting a view across the asset gives a much better indication of how that storage asset is performing when it comes to maintaining water quality through the distribution network.


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