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Building 3D Digital Models from Confined Space Drone Data
We have been providing confined space drone video surveys for around a year. That now includes the enhanced capability of using photogrammetry to build 3D models using the dataset captured by the indoor or confined space drone to create 3D point cloud models. This provides an accurate representation and scaled model that can be used repeatedly to examine and measure elements of the space surveyed.


Mixers, Residual Control Systems & THM Reduction in Service Reservoirs

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Lessons learnt through innovations in the US Drinking Water Industry

'Gravity Filter Bed' Webinar with Iain Ross, Scottish Water

'Confined Space Drone Survey' Webinar

'Harnessing the Power of Data' with Dr Duncan Bury

Ask the CEO: What does disruption in the industry mean to you?

'In-Pipe' Technology with MTA Messtechnik

Digital ROV Surveys: Institute of Water Scottish Area Lunch-Byte

Underwater Robotic Sediment Cleaning - Klas Lange, Weda AB

'Water Treatment' in Distribution with Tom Caulfield


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