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'Harnessing the Power of Data' Webinar with Dr Duncan Bury

Big data is a huge topic that has the potential to enhance business performance and we are actively exploring ways that we can unlock the potential of the data we collect and the ways in which we can use it. Dr. Duncan Bury talked about how Panton McLeod are utilising data available in the water industry to improve decision making.

Ask the CEO: What does disruption in the industry mean to you?

The theme of this year’s Institute of Water Annual conference is ‘Disrupt or Be Disrupted’. We spoke to Heidi Mottram, CEO of Northumbrian Water live for the conference, about what she thinks about key topics and innovation in the sector.

'In-Pipe' Technology Webinar with MTA Messtechnik

We were joined by Diether Kohlenbrein, MTA Messtechnik, where we looked at how 'in-pipe' technology combines visual inspection, acoustic leak detection, pressure recording, temperature and length measurement plus fill HD!

Institute of Water Scottish Area Lunch-Byte: Digital ROV Surveys

Last week we hosted the lunch-byte webinar event on behalf of the Institute of Water Scottish Area where we were joined by Masood Naqshbandi and Euan Hampton.

Underwater Robotic Sediment Cleaning with Klas Lange, Weda AB

Klas Lange of Weda AB in Sweden give us a brief overview of the history of robotic technology, as well as looking at the emerging trends in the various industries they support.

'Water Treatment' in Distribution with Tom Caulfield

Our live webinar in conjunction with our US partners UGSI, looking at water treatment beyond the treatment plant; mixing, THM reduction and Residual Control in distribution.


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