Partnering for Excellence: Panton McLeod & Scottish Water

Smashed the Target!

Last financial year we cleaned and inspected: 

Drinking Water Storage Tanks

Every Month
Small Process Tanks

Every Working Day

In the 2023/24 financial year, Scottish Water's target was to clean and inspect 500 drinking water storage tanks; we exceeded this by completing 608, not including an additional 101 small process tanks. That's equivalent to 59 every month, or 2.8 every working day.

At Panton McLeod, our commitment to excellence and innovation is exemplified through our successful partnership with Scottish Water.

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"Partnership has been absolutely key. The work that we have done jointly together between Panton McLeod and Scottish Water, I think we have enhanced that relationship, particularly last year, and I really look forward to working closely with Panton McLeod again."

John GriffenGeneral Manager, Customer Water Service, Scottish Water
"One of the biggest successes was the collaborative partnership approach, as opposed to a standard client relationship. The regular updates and collaborative efforts have made managing projects more seamless and effective. We've been pretty successful over the last couple of years, with last year being exceptionally successful in terms of hitting our targets and exceeding expectations."

Martin SmithProject Manager, Customer Water Service, Scottish Water


Collaborative Partnership Approach

One of the cornerstones of our success has been our collaborative partnership approach. By working closely with Scottish Water and tier-one contractors, we've significantly improved our efficiency and performance.

Our productive partnership has not only enabled us to maintain high health and safety standards but also enhanced our overall capabilities.

Outstanding Achievements

Last year, we outperformed expectations by about 22%, marking our most successful year in terms of cleans and inspections at Scottish Water.

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