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At Panton McLeod, we offer a comprehensive range of services for customers of all sizes. That's why we're recognised as market leaders in Water Quality Engineering, with over 20 years industry knowledge and experience.

Asset data is captured while the asset remains full and/or in service using dedicated potable water robotic equipment, or during planned shutdown using confined space entry.

NEW DIGITAL ROV SURVEYS! - Our new partnership with Abyss Solutions see's our underwater ROV surveys including the option to convert HD footage into interactive surveys and digital twin models with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning that accurately replicate physical assets.

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Our teams clean hundreds of treated water assets each year. We have the equipment, products, skills, and experience to support even the most challenging projects including Reg 31 approved cryptosporidium effective products.

Responding to the needs of the industry we pioneered the use of robotic technology within the UK potable water market over the past 17 years. With our fleet of robotic reservoir cleaners, we can clean reservoirs previously inaccessible to maintenance activities while they remain ‘online’ and ‘live into supply’.

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Getting a new asset into supply requires a range of highly specialist skills. Let us look after the whole process including flood testing, enhanced tank cleaning, independently verified pressure testing, and sterilisation. Using a range of techniques and with full management of environmental compliance.

With over 20 years’ experience supporting the leading UK water companies and our tier 1 partners, our teams have successfully worked on some of the largest new infrastructure projects.

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Our teams can help clients to maintain critical supplies. That’s why all our services are available on a 24/7 basis.

Whether URGENT or INCIDENT we can support you.

Incident management support also is available from our senior management team, let us help organise your recovery plan and call upon our experience and extensive supply chain network.

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