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Our teams can help clients to maintain critical supplies. That’s why all services are available on a 24/7 basis. Whether URGENT or an INCIDENT we can support you.

Incident management support is also available from our senior management team. Let us help organise your recovery plan and call upon our experience and extensive supply chain network.

To find out more about our emergency capabilities please get in touch for more information.

So whether it is for advice over the phone, or to deploy a team to site the first step is simply to call 01896 663 330 or email info@pantonmcleod.co.uk

call 01896 663 330

Email:  info@pantonmcleod.co.uk


Our urgent response provides normally routine activities but within a very specific time-frame. Where required our team is able to plan and deliver works safely with minimal notice.

  • Fully trained teams
  • Deployed the same day
  • Protect & maintain supplies
  • 24/7 cloud base IT support


When supplies are compromised we can provide support in a variety of ways, including advice and management support or deploying teams at a moments notice to deal with:

  • Bacteriological failures
  • Hydrocarbon contamination
  • Cryptosporidium
  • Flooding


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