Confined Space Drone: Seeing is Believing

Our high-tech confined space drone reaches places other options can’t do as safely and as cost effectively. Keep your workforce out of harm’s way while performing flawless inspections right from the first flight using cutting edge drone data capture capabilities.

Watch the below videos to experience firsthand what can truly be accomplished using this technology.

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High risk confined space entry
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Live & Remote Confined Space Drone View
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Inspecting back in time - safely
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Thermal inspection observations
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Panton McLeod on Drone Supplier Webinar
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Can you pick out the Engineer's pictures?
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Dangerous places we visited - Safely & Legally!
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Before & After Confined Space Drone Inspections
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Take razor-sharp close-up images in GPS-denied environments, in dark and troubled air flows, beyond line of sight. Our drone features 7 stability sensors specifically designed for indoor allowing us to hover in place and easily navigate through unstructured spaces.


Perform smooth inspections of long and repetitive features like welding, or beams. With the distance lock, our confined space drone remains at a set distance, ranging from 30 cm to 200 cm (1 – 6 ft) autonomously.


Experience a greater situational awareness and perform live inspections in First-Person View (FPV) thanks to the increased details of the Full HD live streaming built into our drone.


When it comes to visual inspections, data is what matters. So, we have a thermal and a 4K camera side by side. 12MP still and video recording gives you stunning detailed images with 0.18 mm/px resolution to spot the tiniest cracks from floor to ceiling.


Our drone features the most powerful and intelligent lighting system ever built on a commercial drone. Carrying 10’000 lumens of light, adjustable to the asset, our drone provides the right amount of lighting whether you need to see the big picture or the tiniest crack.


Industrial indoor spaces are often full of dust, which makes First-Person View aircraft navigation difficult. Dustproof lighting allows us to traverse dirty places without losing sight of your objective.


To reveal textures and identify defects, we use a lighting technique that creates shadows in asperities. Reproducing this technique with the oblique lighting system, looking for pitting, cracks, or build-ups becomes as natural as doing it in person.


With a spherical cage protecting propellers from impacts, our drone inspection remains stable through lightning-fast corrections on the propellers’ speed and direction of rotation. The entire payload is mounted on a retractable structure that protects it from damages in case of frontal shocks.


With an overall dimension just below 400 mm our confined space drone fits into standard manholes and can enter any space where an inspection is needed. It can safely and easily be flown into assets without any human access needed; at no point do workers need to enter the space during the inspection.


Perform remote inspections beyond line of sight, through walls and past obstacles with our drone. Its wireless transmission system overcomes the needs of indoor configurations and is compatible with the Range Extender for the most complex setups.


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