Drone 3D Modeling

Explore the future of confined space inspections with our LiDAR-equipped drones. The LiDAR module payload allows for a comprehensive point cloud scan of any asset, eliminating the need for human entry.
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Mission 3D Possible!
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We are going Laser Baby!
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LiDAR Drone Technology for Confined Space Inspections

Witness the power of LiDAR in action with our drone inspection of a water service reservoir. The below point cloud model showcases how LiDAR technology was used to identify sizes and levels of pipework within the confined space.

Human Entry Elimination

Undertake measurements without the need for human entry, ensuring safety and efficiency.

Mapping Accuracy

Achieve precision with a high mapping accuracy of +/- 1.5 cm.

Drift Control

Experience minimal drift with an impressive +/- 0.2% deviation

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