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Borehole Rehabilitation & Cleaning

When it comes to borehole treatment, the PM chemical stands out as a powerful solution, specifically designed to remove iron and manganese bio-fouling blockages in the borehole screen.

After 10 years of experience in borehole rehabilitation (mostly in the US) we have a proven track record in significantly increasing yield and specific capacity in boreholes. The advantages are not only noticeable but also contribute to the overall health and longevity of your boreholes.

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PM100 Bio-Foul removal agent used below the water line to clean boreholes
Our bio-foul removal PM Chemical has been used for a number of years for the rehabilitation of boreholes and borehole screens. The result of this treatment was a 72% increase in specific capacity significantly improving the flow through the screen into the borehole during pumping.
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For a comprehensive treatment, the PM Chemical is utilised during a full borehole rehabilitation process in conjunction with mechanical surging. This approach ensures a thorough cleaning, addressing underlying issues.
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PM77 provides a cost-effective and efficient option for ongoing maintenance. It can be injected into a borehole without the need to remove the pump, minimising downtime with a streamlined 2-3 day treatment process.

Cost effective option to a full rehabilitation

Minimises downtime (2-3 day treatment process)

Prolongs the need for a full borehole rehabilitation

Panton McLeod partners in the United States (where the PM Chemical is called "Pantonite") have been using the product for borehole rehabilitation since 2010. Here is a US service Well and Pump Services delivery partner talking about the success they've had with the product.
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