Water Quality Consultancy

With the combined experience passed on from our predecessors at Panton McLeod, going back to Jim Panton Senior in the early 1990s, together with that of the current team - Panton McLeod has a considerable overall package of Water Quality and Water Asset Management knowledge, that continues to develop and grow every day.

Please contact us to discuss how that knowledge could be leveraged to support your water quality maintenance planning activities.

Areas of specialist expertise include:
  • Service Reservoir water quality performance
  • Service Reservoir inspection, flood testing & tank leak location
  • Service Reservoir cleaning programme planning
  • Enhanced biocidal cleaning of storage tank
  • ROV inspection and underwater robotic cleaning planning
  • Tank mixing & automated residual control management
  • Treated water de-chlorination
  • In-situ gravity filter bed rehabilitation
  • Self-rescue confined space entry planning and site management



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