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High Risk Confined Space Inspection
After the bad luck of a natural sink-hole opening under this asset and with unstable ground around it restricting movement as a result, our client's first steps included filling the void with concrete to re-gain some stability. 

Safety was critical in this dynamic situation and tracking progress from a safe distance was challenging. There was, however, one small area with the minimum space we needed to get the drone in and provide the first eyes on what was happening under there, with no risk to anyone involved.

Reducing Emissions - RGF In Situ Cleaning

This week we re-cycle, re-use and re-emphasise the emission saving benefits of rejuvenating a Rapid Gravity Filter, in situ, without replacing the media.

Calculations on work completed at one particular Scottish Water Treatment Plant highlighted that we saved around 1.5 tonnes of carbon emissions on each filter bed as we improved the filter bed performance without replacing the media.

Thermal observations in a SR

This Service Reservoir is one of two cells side by side with a shared wall between them. The confined space drone was inspecting the empty cell while the other cell, through the wall, was full and in service.

When we put the thermal imagery overlay on two different ingress points, we found that the water coming in presented as different temperatures. This suggests the source of each is different. 

ROV finds Big leak in Service Reservoir

The problem was a treated water Service Reservoir (SR) that was losing 1 million litres a day and our clients knew it was in the SR somewhere.

Unable to inspect it off-line, they called us in to have a look round with one of our ROVs. They expected an obvious hole or crack - but nothing was found. Our operator suggested a quick look up into the inlet pipe before ending the job and, hey-presto, problem identified - enabling the repair planning to start.

Ten years of Borehole Cleaning & Redevelopment with Pantonite!
The primary and predominant use of PM Chemicals in the US (called "Pantonite" there) over the last 10 years has been on borehole redevelopment.  
As abstraction regulations in the UK change, more emphasis on redevelopment rather than drilling new boreholes is becoming evident.
This is a short clip from a recent webinar with Peter Maher of Maher Services, borehole contractors in the US, who started using "Pantonite" in 2010.

Lights, Cameras, LiDAR, Sonar... Action!
The amazing Platypus inspection rig is designed, built and managed by our partners at Abyss Solutions.
With LiDAR above the water and Sonar below the water, it also carries lighting and 6 cameras for detailed 360 degree images of walls, floor and ceiling. The Platypus self centres with laser navigation off the walls and has motors for forwards and backwards motion to counter-act variations in flow on different

Addressing Turbidity on Robotic Cleans
We are often asked about the risk of turbidity in live or online drinking water cleans when using our underwater cleaning machines.

It's a very understandable question and concern. So we thought we'd show you a few brief clips of what an underwater clean looks like, compared to a storage tank valve closing, from a turbidity caused point of view.

Literally saving hundreds of £k

Our in situ filter cleaning process saves time and significant cost by leaving the media in place while reaching the places a media removal refurbishment struggles to do.

This filter bed at a strategic Water Treatment Works went back into operational service - 4 weeks and 1 day after we started rehabilitation work on it.

This process has already saved Scottish Water hundreds of thousands of pounds with more being lined up.

Inspecting back in time - safely

This disused brick Victorian water tank, built between 1860 and 1880, was a structural concern for our client, with no view of the inside having taken place in living memory and almost no records available.

We entered super safely with our confined space drone. Delighted and amazed to discover how good the condition still is. They built them strong in those days.

Also quite an interesting discovery took place while we were doing it

34km Scottish Water Aqueduct Inspection
It's all go for our biggest remote, autonomous and digital aqueduct inspection to date after signing the contract with Scottish Water for the final phase of the full Talla Aqueduct remote inspection.
Working with our partners, Abyss Solutions, and following two years of trials and planning we now expect to complete this comprehensive digital inspection before the end of 2021.
David Brady of Abyss Solutions gives a short overview of the equipment and some of the outputs it produces
clean treated water storage assets.

Membrane Filtration PhD Study

Yasmin is now nearly two years into this four year PhD project, focusing on developing an acid-based chemical cleaning reagent, based on the Panton McLeod proprietary reagents, to clean NF membranes used specifically in the water treatment industry.

It's a long term project for us but the early results are very promising and we look forward to sharing more on this as Yasmin's work continues.

Enhanced Drinking Water Tank Cleaning
Not only is high pressure washing generally ineffective against staining made up from microscopic black and brown (Fe and Mn) ion feeding bacterial protective encrustations but pressure sprayers can also damage storage tank joints, concrete and membranes.
Filmed from outside this drinking water Service Reservoir with our confined space inspection drone, this clip shows our enhanced low pressure drinking water water storage tank cleaning process and highlights how high pressure washing is unnecessary in otherwise clean treated water storage assets.

Upgraded Remote Inspections

With seventeen years of Underwater ROV and two years of Confined Space Drone experience - we now add outdoor drone capabilities

Note the high quality thermal imagery we can now shoot and how the flood testing process on this Service Reservoir is stunningly obvious in this clear footage.

Warm Weather - Water Asset Maintenance
It’s that time of year again when the warm weather puts a strain on water distribution networks.  A good deal of our work relies on networks being stable before assets can be taken out of supply for intervention, such as confined space entry cleaning, so we are very familiar with the impact of weather incidents. Our drinking water-compliant underwater ROVs can do leak-finding and general inspections with no disruption to the network and limited resources required on your side to facilitate the work.




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