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Theory Driven Data with Dr Vanessa Speight

On EddyVision this week we talk to Dr Vanessa Speight, Senior Research Fellow in Integrated Water Systems from the University of Sheffield. She talks to us about using big data techniques to understand the huge body of data collected in the water industry and how to gain useful information. Algorithms as powerful as they are cannot be relied on alone; there must be a theory-driven approach, something that we at Panton McLeod strongly agree with!

Surf's up at Scottish Water! 

Neal Edmondson, Business Development Manager at Panton McLeod, talks about an exciting development in the robotic inspection of tunnels and aqueducts. Following the successful trial run of a 2km aqueduct in Scotland with a prototype platypus inspector. Neal talks about the many benefits of a robotic approach to inspection including reduced confined space entry, high-quality imagery, lidar capabilities, sonar, 3D modeling and inspecting while the asset is still live without the need for drain down.

Ensuring Quality across the Business

Gary Flockhart, SHEQ Manager at Panton McLeod, talks about the recent double confirmation that the business has the highest standard quality systems in place.

Gary is responsible for all things Safety, Health, Environment & Quality and he talks about two recent external audits of the company, the results and what it takes to achieve 100% on a regular basis.

NWG - Leading the way in Industry Innovation

This week on EddyVision, we talk to Helen Guy, Project Engineer from Northumbrian Water Group about the recent installation of two PAX mixers in one of their reservoirs. Helen explains how NWG are taking a different approach to improving the water quality at their sites and how they want to to lead the way with a more innovative approach to tackling a very common problem.

'Harnessing the Power of Data' - Scott McGoldrick, Scrum Master

Scott McGoldrick from Panton McLeod talks about what they are doing to harness the power of the data that they hold on assets across the UK. Talking about the hundreds of thousands of data points that Panton McLeod have on historical records and what the company is now doing to make this accessible to decision-makers. He talks about the challenges of capturing data in a consistent manner and making this information available on a cloud-based platform.

NEW Gravity Filter Bed Cleaning method set to reduce costs by UP TO 70%!

Iain Ross from Scottish Water talks about the latest innovation in gravity filter bed cleaning. He talks about why they wanted to use a new method to clean their filter beds and the steps involved in the enhanced cleaning technique. Finally, he talks about the benefits of using this latest methodology including savings, time, health and safety as well as the environmental payback.

Service Reservoirs and how they impact Water Quality

Anastasia Doronina, PhD Researcher at Sheffield University talks to us about her research into service reservoirs and how they impact water quality downstream. She tells us about her focus on understanding how their performance changes across different sites and the impacts on water quality parameters.

The benefits of robotic cleans and ROVs to Northumbrian Water

This week on EddyVision we talk to Paul Richardson from Northumbrian Water about a recent ROV Inspection and the benefits of using robotics in strategically important assets that need to remain in service. He explains that they have several assets that need to remain in service to ensure customers continue to receive a supply of quality drinking water. Paul talks about the benefits that a robotic approach to cleaning and inspection gives NWL and their customers.

Harnessing the power of data

Ahead of our webinar on the 26 July we catch up with Dr Duncan Bury about the potential of data in the water industry and how we can harness that data to improve business performance.

Duncan talks about what data means to him, the parallels with his experience in the automotive industry and the huge volumes of data that is available in the water industry but is currently not being utilised to improve decision making.

Panton McLeod employees qualify as Mental Health First Aiders

Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) is an internationally recognised training course, designed to teach people how to spot the signs and symptoms of mental ill health and provide help on a first aid basis. Earlier this month three employees from Panton McLeod qualified as Mental Health First Aiders. We caught up with them to find out why having Mental Health First Aiders in the workplace is valuable and what it means for our employees.

The importance of understanding Storage Assets and how they operate 

We talk to Dr Vanessa Speight, Senior Research Fellow in Integrated Water Systems at the University of Sheffield.


Vanessa talks to Jim Panton about why it is important to learn how to operate storage assets in order to maintain water quality at it's best.


Why science matters in the cleaning of Service Reservoir

Our Chief Executive, Jim Panton starts a discussion on the best way to achieve water quality in the distribution network using enhanced cleaning methods. Our view on the best way to clean a service reservoir – avoiding high pressure washing! High pressure can do damage to an asset while not necessarily achieving an effective clean. We don’t want to damage your valuable assets. What do you think? Why not join the discussion and give us your views?

How to Maintain the Perfect Service Reservoir

Most of our clients face several challenges in managing treated water storage in a water distribution network. Today on EddyVision we look at the steps we have seen work well in the maintenance of the perfect service reservoir. From monitoring and inspection to the latest in digital twin models, if you are involved in the distribution network then this video is for you!

THM Reduction with Ethan Brooke, UGSI Solutions

We talk to Ethan from UGSI Solutions about THM’s and the challenges that can be faced in dealing with them. Ethan explains that by creating the correct conditions in a storage tank, THM’s can be taken from liquid form to a gas in order to remove them. He talks about adding active headspace ventilation systems as well as additional equipment to increase the surface area for mass transfer.

Flying into the Future with our confined space drone!

Are you still spending thousands on complex confined space safety measures or on scaffolding to view difficult to reach places? Our new high-tech confined space drone reaches places other options can’t do as safely and as cost effectively. So, if you value water quality and safety, then this option is for you.

University of Sheffield pipe dreams laboratory 

This week we caught up with Dr Vanessa Speight, Senior Research Fellow in Integrated Water Systems (Water Distribution and Water Quality). She gives us a peak at the pipe dreams laboratory and explains how they look into the microbiology, the chemistry and the hydraulics of a distribution system without disturbing a real-world network.

Residual Control Systems in the Distribution Network

This week we caught up with Tom Caulfield from UGSI Solutions and asked him about the challenges he faced while working as an operator in the USA. He explains the benefit of introducing a smart and automated disinfectant residual boosting system and how this can positively impact water quality compliance and efficient introduction of disinfection in the distribution network.

New Partnership with Mackenzie Construction

Why are we so excited? It’s the thought of taking 25 years of Panton McLeod water quality expertise and blending it with a water sector focused civil engineering and structural repairs capability that is second to none. With a shared ethos and commitment to continuous improvement, the synergy between Panton McLeod and Mackenzie Construction offers a clear focus on safety, people, quality and sustainability.

Robotic Sediment Removal

Why has robotic sediment removal been so popular with our key clients? Simple; there’s no need to take a strategically important asset offline which avoids network impact. Taking a robotic approach to many tasks will be a key innovation focus for the water industry over the next few years and it can be hard to imagine what that looks like. We wanted to share some footage of what that looks like now!

Private Water Supplies

We talk to Matt Bower, Operations Team Leader from the Drinking Water Quality Regulator for Scotland (DWQR), about private water supplies and some of the challenges that can arise. It’s the responsibility of the owners to maintain water quality and there are many issues that they need to consider.

Reducing Bacti Failures

Many of our clients highlight the high level of importance associated with reducing the number of Bacti Failures they experience in their water storage assets.  Having investigated historical bacti failures, one of our clients has now drawn a noticeable link between dropping residual levels immediately before a bacti failure occurrence.

Leakage - Finding hard to reach leaks

Some industry sources suggest that as much as 80% of leakage comes from 20% of the leaks. The MTA Pipe Inspector specialises in finding hard to reach leaks. This video is an example of how Pipe Inspector found two leaks in the middle of Washington DC.

Work Hard, Play Hard!

This is a video that one of our teams put together, unprompted, for a bit of a giggle. We like how it reflects our values so much that we decided to share it with the world. Before any Hollywood execs come calling - they’re our production experts and you can’t have them!

Digitisation in the Water Industry - Rob Mustard, Director of Scottish Water

The digital footprint we expect to see in a modern-day water industry system is continuing to change. The appetite for instant information and instant results is becoming more apparent, but challenges are arising for how the water industry present those results in a meaningful manner.

Panton McLeod Webinars

At Panton McLeod we love to talk about water quality and the latest developments and innovations across the water industry. We will be holding regular webinars on topics from ROV’s to best practice cleaning methods. You can watch our recorded webinars here and you can sign up to our newsletter to take part in the upcoming events.

Active Mixing for Water Quality in Distribution

The US is well ahead of the UK on active mixing in Service Reservoirs, Ethan Brooke of UGSI talks to Neal Edmondson about what they've learnt. Two key regulatory drivers for drinking water quality are taste and odour complaints and bacti failures in Service Reservoirs (SRs).

PM100 Bio-Foul removal agent used below the water line to clean wells

Panton McLeod's Reg 31 and NSF listed bio-foul removal agent has been used for a number of years for the rehabilitation of well and borehole screens. The result of this treatment was a 72% increase in specific capacity significantly improving the flow through the screen into the well during pumping.

Nigel Watson, Director of Northumbrian Water Group talks Innovation

Nigel highlights Northumbrian Water Group's changing approach to Innovation as they prepare for the next AMP period and how he sees Innovation being even more important than before.

Service Reservoir Maintenance in Scotland with Matt Bower, DWQR

Matt talks to us briefly about why the DWQR are particularly focused on Service Reservoir Maintenance in Scotland and about the progress being made.

The Importance of Service Reservoir Maintenance with Simon Parsons

Simon visits us on site and talks briefly about the importance of Service Reservoir Inspections, Cleaning, and Maintenance from a Water Quality and Public Health point of view.

'Water Treatment' in Distribution with Tom Caulfield

Our live webinar in conjunction with our US partners UGSI, looking at water treatment beyond the treatment plant; mixing, THM reduction and Residual Control in distribution.

Gravity Filter Bed Cleaning...Yorkshire Water

We look at utilising our PM Solution in the cleaning of Gravity Filter Beds. Iron & Manganese bio-fouling reduces the performance of gravity filter beds causing blocked airlines & nozzles which reduces backwash and air scour performance.

A Short Interview with...Paul Horton

Jim Panton talks to Paul Horton, CEO of Future Water Association about the challenges facing the water industry in the next five year period, including the increasing importance of innovation for operations and maintenance.


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