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Scottish Water Framework Extension

Panton Mcleod is delighted to announce the securing of a new contract extension for the Scottish Water TWSP (Treated Water Storage Point) Inspection and Cleaning Framework.

This is a critical and important requirement for Scottish Water and we are very pleased to continue as the specialist provider of these services.

Turn sound on to enjoy this weeks' celebratory episode 🙂

Live & Remote Confined Space Drone View

You're keen to be part of the confined space site inspection, and even influence how it goes, but it's a long way from you and you don't really have the time for the travel - never mind the cost and carbon associated with going.

Now you don't have to travel. You and all your interested colleagues just join a live Teams meeting from your own desk and watch the drone footage online as it happens - discussing what you see with the pilot as the flight progresses.

New Scottish Water Contract

Panton McLeod is delighted to announce that a new, three year, Scottish Water contract to inspect, clean and disinfect all their Emergency Shower Units (ESUs) has now started.

With an initial list of over 200 sites, each with a varied number of ESUs, we are delighted that work on these important Health and Safety units in Scotland has begun. 

Treated water storage - Flood Tests

Most of the treated water storage inspections we do include a roof flood test to check for possible ingress of untreated water, like rain, that risks contamination of the treated water if it gets in.
Many tanks pass these important test but some don't. Flood test fails can either be subtle - around the edge of an access hatch or through a joint for example. This is still a risk to water quality and is treated seriously by our clients with a prioritised repair.
Sometimes, though, it can also be a little less subtle.
Beasties in Treated Water Storage

We often come across strange trail marks in the sediment in treated water storage systems during our underwater inspections. This recent research paper looking at "Water lice and other macroinvertebrates in drinking water pipes" gives us some insight into what might be involved.

These "beasties" feed off bio-mass build-up and sediment and can grow up to very visible sizes in drinking water distribution systems. Don't risk it - clean it.

Seasons Greetings

Panton McLeod wishes all of you a very Merry and Safe Christmas - and a prosperous 2022.

Thank you so much for following EddyVision again in 2021. Who needs Netflix, Amazon Prime or Walter Presents when you can binge watch EddyVision during the holidays!

High risk confined space entry

This was a challenging one and although it was incredibly tight - we managed to squeeze the confined space drone in to see what was happening under this structure.

Safety was critical in this dynamic situation and tracking progress from a safe distance was challenging. There was, however, one small area with the minimum space we needed to get the drone in and provide the first eyes on what was happening under there, with no risk to anyone involved.

In Situ cleaning of Rapid Gravity Filters

This week it is hard to miss the global focus on reducing emissions at COP26 in Glasgow.

In keeping with that critically important theme - we re-emphasise the emission saving benefits of rejuvenating a Rapid Gravity Filter, in situ, without replacing the media.

Calculations on work completed at one particular Scottish Water Treatment Plant highlighted that we saved around 1.5 tonnes of carbon emissions on each filter bed as we improved the filter bed performance without replacing the media.

Thermal inspection observations

This SR is one of two cells side by side with a shared wall between them. The confined space drone was inspecting the empty cell while the other cell, through the wall, was full and in service. The imagery picked up two distinct ingress points one high in a corner and the other at mid-height on the wall.

When we put on the thermal imagery overlay, we found that the two ingress points presented as different temperatures. We proposed to our client that the top corner ingress, with the colder feed, was coming down from outside the structure and the warmer mid-height ingress was coming from the treated water in the other cell.

Big Leak Found

The problem was a treated water Service Reservoir (SR) that was losing 1 million litres a day. That's one Olympic swimming pool of clean drinking water lost every two days. They knew it was happening in the SR somewhere.

Unable to inspect it off-line, they called us in to have a look round with one of our ROVs. They expected a big obvious hole or crack somewhere - but nothing could be seen. Our operator then noticed that the inlet was big enough for the ROV and suggested taking a quick look inside it before ending the job. This is what they then found. Mystery solved and the repair planning is now underway.

PM Chemical in Boreholes & Wells

Yes - they really do call our PM Chemical cleaning products "Pantonite" in America.

More importantly, the primary and predominant use of "Pantonite" in the US over the last ten years has been on borehole cleaning and redevelopment. This includes leaving the pump in situ with the treatment done through the pump-head - reducing time on site and cost.

Lights, Cameras, LiDAR, Sonar... Action

Week 1 is complete with 4 more weeks to go on our 34km Talla Aqueduct inspection for Scottish Water.

The amazing Platypus inspection rig is designed, built and managed by our partners at Abyss Solutions.  With LiDAR above the water and Sonar below the water, it also carries lighting and 6 cameras for detailed 360 degree images of walls, floor and ceiling. The Platypus self centres with laser navigation off the walls and has motors for forwards and backwards motion to counter-act variations in flow on different sections of the aqueduct.

Turbidity, or lack of, in Potable Water

We are often asked about the risk of turbidity in live or online drinking water cleans when using our underwater cleaning machines.

It's a very understandable question and concern. So we thought we'd show you a few brief clips of what an underwater clean looks like, compared to a storage tank valve closing, from a turbidity caused point of view.

Minimising the risk of turbidity is one of our top precautions in live drinking water cleans.

Inspecting back in time - safely

This disused brick Victorian water tank, built between 1860 and 1880, was a structural concern for our client, with no view of the inside having taken place in living memory and almost no records available.

Delighted and amazed to discover how good the condition of it is still. They built them strong in those days.

Also quite an interesting discovery took place while we were doing it.

The Platypus - for Aqueduct Inspections

It's all go for our biggest remote, autonomous and digital aqueduct inspection to date. We are delighted to have recently signed the contract with Scottish Water for the final and main phase of the Talla Aqueduct inspection and expect to complete the project this year.

This week we look at an overview of the main equipment we will be using.

Enhanced Cleaning - Potable Water Tanks

Treated Drinking Water is generally very "clean" but bio-foul staining still builds up on surfaces as microscopic bacterial protective encrustations.

Not only is high pressure washing generally ineffective against these toughened black and brown (Fe and Mn) ion feeding bacterial structures but pressure sprayers can also damage storage tank joints, concrete and membranes.

Our enhanced low pressure drinking water water storage tank cleaning process highlights how high pressure washing is generally unnecessary in otherwise clean treated water storage assets.

Filter Membrane cleaning - PM Chemicals

Meet Yasmin Hitchin - Panton McLeod's sponsored PhD student studying Membrane Filtration cleaning capabilities of the PM proprietary reagents PM88 and PM77.

Pressure-driven nanofiltration (NF) membranes are widely used in water and wastewater treatment plants. However, the phenomenon of membrane fouling remains remains one of the major technical challenges of their usage.

Yasmin is now nearly two years into this four year PhD project, focusing on developing an acid-based chemical cleaning reagent, based on the Panton McLeod proprietary reagents.

New Remote Inspection Capability

With seventeen years of Underwater ROV and two years of Confined Space Drone experience we now add outdoor drone capability.

This week we show some of our early video and thermal shots of a Service Reservoir

Note the high quality thermal imagery we can now shoot and how the flood testing progress on the Service Reservoir is stunningly obvious in this clear footage.

Tank Leak Finder

It's warm again. Water scarcity and leakage reduction are back in focus.

We like to re-highlight the Tank Leak Finder capability at this time of year. A lot of water can be lost from water storage assets (not just from pipes) and with this technique we use the pressure of and in service tank to find the leak.



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