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Pipeline Commissioning Top Tips - Designing to Swab
This clip explains the first step when it comes to setting up the commissioning process for a successful outcome. Bends and legs in pipework can cause the swab to be stuck, however, designing with the swabbing process in mind can help with pipeline commissioning delivery.

Can you pick out the Engineer's pictures?

In addition to eliminating hazards during an inspection, our robotic equipment can match the quality of pictures and videos taken by an engineer in person. In some difficult-to-reach places; such as at height the remote equipment capability can get a better close-up view of asset condition and potential issues.

Can you pick out the Engineer's pictures from the 12 in this short clip? Find out at the end if you guessed correct!

Find a Problem like this Early!
This is an underground drinking water aqueduct leaving a treatment plant. Our client was not expecting to see this, but they were pleased to know about it before it became a bigger problem, potentially involving their customers. We find things like this from time to time and it is interesting to see who prefers to find these problems early, so they can be addressed early, compared to others who don’t. Low cost, low disruption, quick and routine remote inspections save lots of much bigger and costly problems down the line.

Eliminating Confined Space Hazards

Regulation 4(1) of the Confined Space Regulations 1997 is pretty clear - but it is possible that it is overlooked by many during confined space entry planning.

Check out this 30-second overview of Regulation 4(1) to see if it applies to any confined space activity that you undertake.

Welcome Annie
We are very excited to welcome Anastasia Doronina to the team. Annie is a final year PhD Researcher at the University of Sheffield and also our new Service Reservoir Specialist at Panton McLeod. We've collaborated with Annie for a few years now and are thrilled to announce that she has started working directly with us.
Here she shares her outlook and expectations coming into the new role.
Gravity Filter Bed In-situ PM Clean (Before & After)

Blockages in filter bed cause disrupted and "boiling" backwashes. Poor backwashing performance then fails to properly clean the media, reduces the media's performance and pushes higher levels of media into the backwash channel. In-situ cleaning makes sense across a number of key measures. It’s better for the environment - reducing carbon emissions by around 1.5 tonnes per filter bed, saves downtime and comes in at a fraction of the replacement costs.

ROV Cleaners - Worth Their Weight in Sediment!

Our ROV cleaners prove their worth each time we deploy them!  We have done cleans like this in treated drinking water in the UK since 2003.

We are also able to do live industrial cleans such as in cooling tower sumps or fire-suppression tanks that cannot be taken off-line. The whole process saves significant costs, time, and carbon emissions when a full drain-down process is not required for other reasons or can’t be done.

Meet our New Grads

Say hello to our new group of graduate-entry recruits - Steven, Tom P, Calvin, Andrea & Tom B!

Our five new recruits bring a wealth of fresh knowledge & experience from a range of Universities across the UK; including Environmental and Mechanical Engineering, Geography, Ecology and Climate Policy.

Meet ROD - Robotic Operated Depth Gauge

When we prepare for an underwater robotic clean in treated drinking water systems - it is very useful for us to know how deep the sediment is that we will be removing.

We see varying depths between a few mm up to as much as a meter in very rare circumstances. This short clip shows checking the level of sediment in a drinking water tank in advance of a robotic clean.

Before & After Confined Space Drone Inspections

We recently carried out before and after confined space drone inspections, nearly a year apart, on a culvert underneath a construction project.

Can you see the small change we noticed in these two comparison clips?

Confined Space Rescue Training

A recent confined space rescue training we carried out, in a real Service Reservoir, with our crews - and yes, that is our Ops Director, Scott Fraser, getting stuck into rescuing "Jimmy" the rescue dummy.

Meet our Newest Recruit - The VR50
You've seen our VR600. Now meet our NEW recruit the VR50. Smaller yet all the power of the VR600. Designed specifically for smaller reservoirs and where access with the VR600 cleaner is limited due to smaller manholes, limited space between pillars & inside the reservoir.

2021 - The Year to Get the Most from Stored Water Assets!

Step into Spring by getting the most from your stored water assets this year! A lot of our time is spent talking to clients about asset management. There are lots of challenges in managing treated water storage in a water distribution network.

Tank Mixer floats into LIVE ASSET!

Some drinking water storage assets that require mixing can't be taken out of supply for mixer installation.

That wasn't a problem for Innovation Eddy. This short clip shows how we recently floated 2 mixers into position in an asset that remained live and in supply whilst the work was completed.

Slàinte Mhath, lechyd da & Propa Belta Chrimbo

Wishing you all a very Eddy Christmas and Happy New Year... seriously 2021... No Pressure! Check out our very regional Christmas greeting from the 3 corners of Panton McLeod - Scotland, NE England and South Wales.

Slàinte Mhath (Pronounced "Slanj-a-va"), Iechyd da (pronounced "yeah-ch-id dah") and Propa Belta Christmas everyone

PM Enhanced Tank Cleaning

Our longest service offering to the UK drinking water industry is our enhanced PM Cleaning Solution. Since the 1990s we have cleaned thousands of drinking water assets across the UK helping our clients to avoid the damage caused by high-pressure washing. Our PM solution contains an approved disinfectant which provides a greatly enhanced clean when compared to other methods using only water. It can remove light hydrocarbons and unlike chlorine, it is effective at neutralising cryptosporidium.

Filter floor blockages 42% improved

Not all filter beds have nozzles in their floors. Other filter floor designs use a thin moulded plastic mesh floor which have many small pathways through them for water to flow through and for backwashing. Those small pathways also block up over time – with the same reduction in overall performance. This short video shows the dramatic results of a simple test we carried out on one type of moulded mesh floor that has been in service for around 12 years.

Upcoming IWater Conference

This week we catch up with Professor Ian Barker, Vice President Environment for the Institute of Water, looking ahead to next week’s two-day online Environment Conference.

Ian gives us an overview of the conference and explains why managing risk and uncertainty, innovation, and customer collaboration are the three main focus areas for the conference.

Panton McLeod Remembers

This week’s EddyVision is dedicated to the men and women across the years who have died serving their country

Panton McLeod on Drone Supplier Webinar

Earlier this week, Jim took part as a guest, in a webinar hosted by Commercial Drone Experts, COPTRZ. This short EddyVision is a 60-second clip from the webinar, discussing the measurement capability that is possible using only the video footage and supporting software.  The Elios 2 confined space drone has a distance sensor on the front that measures it’s distance from an object and that is used by the software to check measurements between points in the footage

Drinking Water Distribution – Sutton’s Law

In this week’s episode, Andy Seidel, CEO of UGSI, tells us why Sutton’s law is named after Willie Sutton and why it is relevant when highlighting how water storage assets are the obvious intervention point for disinfectant boosting in the distribution network.  Sutton’s law states that when diagnosing, one should first consider the obvious. Named after bank robber Willie Sutton, it is taught in medical schools to suggest that it is best to prioritise tests in a sequence that is most likely to result in a quick diagnosis and then treatment, thereby minimising unnecessary costs.
Scottish Water Gravity Filter Media Cleaning Case Study

Rapid Gravity Filter performance degrades over time as nozzles in filter floors and media in the filter get blocked and the backwash process becomes less effective at clearing the filter. One great example of this is Scottish Water’s Bradan Water Treatment Works – where 8 RGF primary filters have now been rehabilitated using the clean in place methodology. We talked to Iain Ross, Capital Liaison Engineer, about the work at Bradan in this clip, touching on the problem, the methodology and the outcome.

Savas Danos - Panton Mcleod America wins Prestigious Award
Huge congratulations to Savas Danos, the Panton McLeod America General Manager, for recently winning a prestigious award for outstanding public service from a member of the supply chain in the New England Water Works Association annual awards. The award is named after Kenneth O. Hodgson who demonstrated, through his years as a NEWWA member, a dedication, service and commitment that the organisation hopes all members will strive to attain.

Two Superb external audit results!
Eddy McLeod, Panton McLeod's Head of Overall Performance, is delighted to announce two fantastic results in recent external audits of the Company. Not only did we just score 100% across the board (for the 3rd year in a row) in our UVDB Achilles Verify Audit but we also recently completed our NQA ISO 9001 audit with zero follow-up actions. It is impressive that the organisation has managed to improve its system throughout these challenges".

Dangerous places we visited - Safely & Legally!
Regulation 4 (1) of the Confined Spaces regulations 1997 specifically states that "no person at work shall enter a confined space to carry out work for any purpose unless it is not reasonably practical to achieve that purpose without such an entry". So, if that purpose is to view, inspect or measure something in a confined space - there is now a viable alternative to putting a person into that space.

How Water Storage Assets can reduce Water Quality
This week Andy Seidel, CEO of UGSI, explains how temperature variations in some, typically above ground, water storage tanks can show temperature stratification if the flow dynamics and water age in that tank are a problem. All storage assets, though, are susceptible to chemical stratification if different fluid densities, such as disinfectants, are given time to settle in dead spots or tanks with a slow turnover.

Our Range of Inspection Capabailities

Fast, safe and cost-effective asset inspections identify key risks, help plan maintenance, reduce the cost of whole life ownership and drive better asset performance.

Asset data is captured while the asset remains full and/or in service using dedicated potable water technology.

The ABC of Treated Water Storage Assets

Today on EddyVision we look at the ABC of Treated Water Storage Assets.

From inspection and cleaning, through monitoring and performance, to the latest in digital twin models and enhanced measurements, it's all covered.


Reg 31 Approval for Treated Water Mixers

After the great news last year about the Reg 31 Approval of PAX Impeller Mixers (400, 500 & 600). We are now excited to announce the Reg 31 Approval of PAX Jet Mixers (100, 150 & 250) PAX Treated Water Mixers use biomimicry to enhance water quality as an extremely efficient design to mix large bodies of water, Helping to maintain the excellent levels of water quality when water leaves the treatment works. Tank mixing helps solve issues such as chemical stratification, dead spots and build-up of sediment.

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work!

If you have seen one or two of our EddyVision episodes you will know that our objectives are to keep our content light, relevant and interesting whilst promoting who we are and what we do whilst being fun where possible.

This week we share a quick look behind the current scenes. Chelsea produced this for internal distribution and we thought we’d share it just for the fun of it. Body language is a powerful thing and these clips cover a range of emotions. We know you all have been leading similar lives recently.

Underwater Robotics: We've been doing this for YEARS & YEARS!

We thought we'd mix it up a bit and have some fun whilst highlighting our Inspection & Cleaning Underwater Robotic technology, which we introduced in the UK for treated water assets over 17 years ago; 1600 Underwater Inspections & 530 Underwater Cleans ago!

We've hidden some extras in this week's video! How many can you find?

Pressure Testing with Neil Shepherd

Neil Shepherd, Techincal Sales Manager at Panton McLeod discusses the need for Pressure Testing and the methodology for carrying out the work. Neil talks about how to condition pipework before the final stage of disinfection before handing back over to the client for sampling.

Mixing improves Residuals in Distribution

Managing disinfection residual throughout distribution in a way that gives the best balance between preventing Bacti hits while avoiding taste and odour or disinfection bi-product issues is difficult. Ask anyone who is responsible for managing that.

This week we look at very short extracts from our recent Webinar with Andy Seidel, Chief Executive at UGSI Solutions, where he explains the benefits of active mixing in treated water along with the importance of tank cleaning.

Long Range Live Tunnel Inspections
David Brady, Head of Global Water at our Sydney based partners Abyss Solutions, provides an overview of capabilities and a successful project previously carried out in the UK using the long range live tunnel inspection technology. This includes an explanation of the 360-degree, above and below water, digital outputs. This data capturing technology makes inaccessible assets accessible by venturing into small spaces for thorough and accurate condition monitoring of inshore assets such as dams, bridges, and tunnels.

Priorities, Lockdown Demand
& Positive Legacy

In this second episode with Kes Juskowiak, he talks about the priorities post Covid-19, how the change of water demand during lockdown affected the network and the possibility of some positive legacy from Covid-19. In Part 1 Kes highlighted his hopes for operational activities returning back to normal “if you want to call it normal” by the end of June.

Operational Activities heading back to "Normal” - Scottish Water

In Part 1 of our recent catch-up with Kes Juskowiak, Water Operations General Manager at Scottish Water, Kes highlights his hopes for operational activities returning back to normal “if you want to call it normal” by the end of June. Next time we’ll hear more about what Kes has to say about priorities post Covid-19, how the change of water demand during lockdown affected the network and the possibility of some positive legacy from Covid-19.

Pipeline Disinfection, with Neil Shepherd

Neil Shepherd, Techincal Sales Manager at Panton McLeod discusses the need for pipeline disinfection and the methodology for carrying out the work. Neil talks about how to ensure pipework is clean and ready for service before handing back over to the client for sampling.

Astronaut Tim Peake, Water for the Moon and Mars - Part 2

In this second episode, Tim talks about the importance of water in the challenge of planning for travelling to, and operating on, the Moon and Mars. He also talks about how that planning has a strong carry over for improving sustainability on planet earth.

Heidi Mottram - Ageing, Data and Innovation

When we did our webinar with Heidi Mottram, CEO of Northumbrian Water, last summer (remember those days?) - no one was thinking or talking about a global pandemic in early 2020. Talking about the Water Industry at the time, Heidi touched on three particular subjects which have an interesting relevance on a wider society level now.

Planning for better Water Quality after the lockdown

One achievable thing in the isolation period is the chance to plan ahead with desktop reviews and online planning discussions. On Water Quality - There is a big difference between the common place take-up of active mixers in US treated water storage compared to the UK. But the challenges in US water storage is exactly the same – maintaining consistent disinfection residual is supply to prevent taste and odour, minimise bacti failures and prevent disinfection bi-product spikes.

Essential BAU & Facility Deep Cleans

And suddenly everything is very different but in some situations, there is still a Business as Usual (BAU) approach. We’ve interrupted our normal run of Eddyvision episodes this week for a quick situation update as we all adjust to what is happening around us. In this episode, we talk about supporting our clients with remote site BAU maintenance work and facility deep cleans where essential on-going work is required after a self-isolation linked to the location.

Astronaut Tim Peake CMG, talks Water in Space - Part 1

Tim Peake is a former Apache helicopter pilot, flight instructor, test pilot, and current European Space Agency astronaut. Tim followed Jim Panton on the US Army Apache pilot exchange programme in Texas in the 1990s - and that’s pretty much where their career path similarity finishes. They do, however, share a keen interest in water. In this episode, Tim tells us about the critical importance that water and wastewater play in the International Space Station. In Part 2, we will hear more about water in trips to Mars & the Moon.

Europe’s first ever Smart Canal

Peter Robinson – Head of Engineering at Scottish Canals gives us an overview of the Scottish Canals system and the Smart Canal project. The Metropolitan Glasgow Strategic Drainage Partnership between Scottish Canals, Scottish Water and Glasgow City Council is a superb example of a digital revolution innovation. It is an initiative that brings autonomous, weather forecast driven, adjustments to the levels of the Glasgow canal system in advance of increased surface water run-off in North Glasgow – creating the “sponge city” concept.

Bar-code Scanning by Drone

We are exploring opportunities with organisations looking to make significant time and cost savings as well as reducing health and safety risks associated with their warehouse or other large volume bar-code scanning requirements.

In this episode, Craig Leppan from Dronescan talks us through the outline features and benefits of indoor drone mounted scanners and tells about their progress to date with their technology.

Scottish Water Embrace "New World" Change

Scottish Water’s Transformation objectives include the desire to find “changes in processes, people and systems to better align the company with its business strategy and vision”, to “produce an improved state of things” and the “need to be willing to transform in order to stimulate innovation”. This short interview with Nisarg Hirani, General Manager – Transformation only scratches the surface of how he and Scottish Water are setting up the change they believe is required for the new world.

Working in Partnership in Ireland

For the last four years, Panton McLeod have worked with AQS in Ireland to deliver our range of services. AQS have built a reputation as one of the most capable and trusted specialist industrial, utility and environmental services companies in Ireland. Rónán Beasley, AQS Environmental Solutions explains that when Irish Water reviewed their asset management approach for service reservoirs, discussions between Panton McLeod and AQS began and a strong partnership based on shared values and high standards has existed ever since.

Net Zero, Regulation and Moon Shots!

Over the last four years, Adam has led a number of water industry events sponsored by the Scottish Government Hydro Nation Team and leading industry players such as Veolia. This included a Circular Economy focused event held at Dynamic Earth, Water Industry Innovation retreats in Scotland and India and a Water Industry Leadership programme.

Getting the most from your Water Storage Asset!

It's only January and already our clients are asking us what they can do this year to ensure assets are in good condition. This week on EddyVision we look at what it takes to get the most from your storage water asset. From monitoring and inspection to enhanced cleaning, it's all covered.

Why replace media and fittings when you can clean them!

Following successful development work and trials, an innovation in the cleaning of gravity filter beds is now set to become commonplace in the water industry. It’s better for the environment - reducing carbon emissions by around 1.5 tonnes per filter bed, saves downtime and comes in at a fraction of the replacement costs.

One Year of EddyVision!

One year ago we released EddyVision - Our home for bucket loads of water industry-relevant information.

Every week we share things we believe will inform, educate and provide technical insights into the water industry. Over the last year we’ve interviewed some of the industries key water professionals and hosted webinars from across the UK! Thank you for watching we couldn’t have done it without you all!

The Big Man and his Wee Reindeer

From everyone at Panton McLeod, we would like to thank you all for your continuous support over the past year.

We’d like to take the opportunity to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Inspect & Clean with 100% Uptime!

Christmas is coming, Eddy’s getting fat, we know it isn’t always possible, to know what state your asset is at. With a dedicated range of inspection & cleaning equipment we can complete inspection, sampling and cleaning works without the need to shut down or reduce production.

As a thank you, we are offering 10% off jobs booked in and completed before the end of December. Contact the team to claim your discount!



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