Expert Lime Removal

Lime is frequently used in water treatment processes for pH adjustment and water softening. Over time, lime particulates accumulate in areas of low velocity, such as treated water storage tanks. If left unaddressed, this could pose a risk to water quality as lime deposits can re-mobilise, enter the downstream network, and contribute to the deterioration of water quality, such as increases in turbidity. Deposits can also become breeding grounds for a range of bacteria as disinfectants are unable to penetrate accumulated layers of material.

    Our Lime Removal Process

    Thorough Assessment

    Before any removal process begins, our team conducts a comprehensive assessment to determine the volume of lime present and the most suitable removal approach.

    Specialised Equipment and Expertise

    Utilising advanced technology including ROV inspections and sediment depth analysis, we can gauge the extent of the accumulation, including a calculation of the volume of lime. Our team is equipped with specialised tools to efficiently handle removal tasks.

    Ethical Disposal

    We prioritise ethical disposal practices, partnering with reputable contractors to ensure the lawful and environmentally conscious disposal of lime residues.


    Tailored Solutions for Every Situation

    Recognising that each removal project is unique, we tailor our approach to meet specific requirements.

    Whether it's a small tank or a larger-scale operation, our experienced team crafts bespoke solutions to address varying complexities.

    Our Commitment to Ethical Disposal Practices

    At Panton McLeod, we prioritise environmental sustainability and adhere to strict disposal guidelines. Our commitment to responsible waste management includes:

    Partnering with Reputable Contractors

    We work with certified contractors for environmentally friendly waste disposal, ensuring responsible handling of lime residues.

    Legal Compliance

    We strictly adhere to regulations, ensuring that all disposal processes meet legal requirements.

    Transparent Documentation

    We provide clear documentation of disposal practices, offering proof of ethical and lawful lime removal.

    Minimising Environmental Impact

    From eco-friendly equipment to efficient disposal methods, we prioritise sustainability at every stage of the removal process.



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