A Swift and Effective Response to the Western Isles Water Crisis

In a recent water supply emergency caused by a fuel leak, Panton McLeod played a pivotal role in swiftly addressing the crisis, preventing water restrictions, and eliminating an unpleasant taste and odor in tap water.

Understanding the urgency, our specialised teams were on the ground within 24 hours, focusing on the crucial task of cleaning affected drinking water storage tanks. This included tanks serving vital institutions like schools and hospitals, where the impact of the crisis was most pronounced.

Using our specialized chemical, PM88, designed to remove hydrocarbons from contaminated storage tanks, our teams worked tirelessly around the clock, including night shifts, to ensure a swift and thorough cleaning process.

Collaboration was at the forefront of our success. We closely coordinated with Scottish Water and other specialist service providers to ensure a comprehensive recovery operation.

In just six days, we successfully cleaned a total of 10 tanks, including those serving critical institutions. Our relentless efforts and dedication played a pivotal role in the prompt resolution of the crisis.

Our use of specialised cleaning methods, along with night shifts and community support, proved instrumental in resolving the crisis and restoring normal water service to the affected areas. This successful intervention stands as a testament to Panton McLeod’s capability and dedication in ensuring the well-being of communities facing water-related emergencies.