We are excited to be providing the Tomahawk System to the UK & Ireland, supporting superior mains rehab and inspection. The Tomahawk™ System can help you on your pipeline rehabilitation project by improving drinking water quality, restore hydraulic capacity of pipes and lowers operating costs for distribution networks.

Key Advantages – Fast, Dry, Bonded

  • Dust-free, environmentally friendly, trenchless process
  • Uses little to no water, reducing waste by up to 98%
  • Quickly removes tuberculation, biofilms, old bitumen or coal tar linings
  • Best-in-class surface preparation for superior bond and long-term, leak-free performance
  • Dries the pipe for immediate liner application

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Proven Capability

  • 100mm (4”) to 300mm (12”) diameter pipe
  • Clean up to 135m (450 feet)
  • Up to 40% tuberculation levels
  • One 22.5° elbow per segment
  • Meets or exceeds surface preparation and bond requirements for ASTM F3182 for SIPP applications
Tomahawk Scout™ Inspection

The Tomahawk Scout™ not only provides real-time live feedback on cleaning progress but it also targets the cleaning action and draws out moisture from traditionally troublesome areas.

Watch a video of the Scout™ in action

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