CIWEM event a great success for Panton McLeod

Jim and Jo

We were delighted to sponsor CIWEM’s Drinking Water 2015 and launch our partnership with PAX Water for the removal of THMs and control of chlorine residual services to a wider audience.

The event held in London was last held in 2010 and brought together some of the leading experts in water quality to discuss a range of current and future challenges related to the UK and globally.

Jim Panton, CEO was thrilled to meet such a wide range of people, “We are well known as supporters of a number of the key industry bodies but this is the first CIWEM event I have attended personally in a long time, and so it was great to meet a lot of new people.”

“The mix of operators, specialist water quality scientists, academics and consultants provided a good balance to the event, and as part of the programme was dedicated to disinfection by-products it was very useful to understand how the scientific community are approaching this issue.”

“I think because of this our partnership with PAX Water Technologies focusing on the removal of chlorine by-products such as THMs certainly got noticed, and we look forward to following up with the contacts made on the day.”

We are currently working with a number of key UK clients on the introduction of the PAX Water systems into their network. The PAX solution which involves a combination of active mixers, aeration and ventilation to manage chlorine residual, or remove disinfection by-products is well known in the US but new to the UK.

The system allows operators a solution to these key challenges at a fraction of the cost of a capital solution, and the benefits go beyond simply improving chlorine control or removing THMs. Further benefits available to operators are the chance to reduce sediment build-up with their reservoirs (reducing turbidity risk, and extending the period between cleans), lowering chemical usage & cost and preventing potential water quality failures related to ageing water entering supply.

As part of the day, we also provided attendees with a bit of fun in the form of the chance to win a bottle of whisky with a prize draw on the day.

The photo shows Jim Panton, Panton McLeod CEO presenting Jo Herschan, Water Quality Scientist at Veolia Water Outsourcing with the prize.

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