Just announced! New partnership with PAX Water

PAX Mixer

We are delighted to announce an exciting strategic partnership with leading US water technology firm PAX Water. The partnership will see our teams add mixing & aeration solutions to our existing range of Water Quality Engineering services.

CEO of PAX Water Technologies, Dr Peter S. Fiske, said: “The combination of reservoir mixing, disinfectant control and reservoir cleaning and maintenance has been shown to provide outstanding value to water system operators by improving water quality, reducing DBPs, such as THMs, and lowering long-term maintenance costs.”

“We look forward to supporting Panton McLeod to provide this combination of technologies for UK water systems.”

PAX Water Technologies, based in California are the leading provider of powerful mixers for water storage tanks. They offer a family of powerful and energy-efficient mixers for a variety of tank shapes and sizes, including challenging geometries like water towers and large underground reservoirs with columns.

Jim Panton said, “Thorough mixing is key to improving water quality inside drinking water storage tanks. A powerful mixer eliminates thermal and chemical stratification, reduces disinfectant loss and biological growth and ensures consistent water quality throughout a water tank.”

“Customers who use active mixers often notice less sediment accumulation in tanks and a reduction in customer taste and odour complaints. We are delighted that Panton McLeod now offers PAX Water’s technologies as part of our portfolio of Water Quality Engineering products and services.”

The partnership is featured on page 49 of the latest edition of the Institute of Water journal to find out more about how Panton McLeod & PAX Water can support Water Quality within your distribution systems click here

For more information, contact the team on 01896 663 330 or email info@pantonmcleod.co.uk

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