Unite with United Utilities

Scarth Hill Tower

We’re celebrating after securing a framework agreement that will see it ensure the delivery of high-quality water across the North West of England. We have been sought by United Utilities as it continues to provide water services to around seven million people.

Darren Clark, Service Reservoir Team Leader at United Utilities, said: “We have a long history of working with Panton McLeod and we are delighted to now be in a framework agreement with them.”

“We have always been hugely impressed with the firm’s ability and dedication to ensuring the maximum amount of work is done with the minimum disruption to water facilities, and are looking forward to working with them from now on.”

With bases across the UK, Panton McLeod will fulfil a three-year framework agreement with the firm which will include carrying out repairs to existing Water Retaining Structures; including but not limited to Service Reservoirs, Water Towers, and Water Tanks. Although predominantly the work will be carried on Water Sites, Wastewater sites will also be included where necessary.

Jim Panton, CEO at Panton McLeod, said: “When working within the UK water industry effectively managing and operating assets is of paramount importance to our clients it is their assets that feed the public water supply.

“United Utilities is committed to ensuring the highest standard of water quality across the North West of England and as a result of this framework agreement we will repair and refurbish water retaining structures of all construction type and sizes.”

“This will help United Utilities with the concerted improvements and investment that it has been making across its business since 1990, and we are very pleased to be linking up with a company that has such a clear strategy for improvement.”

“As a firm we have over 20 year’s industry experience and as a result we understand that each of our clients has bespoke requirements, and we will tailor the services we provide to United Utilities based on their unique needs.”

“We are excited to continue to work with the company in a more formal and strategic arrangement, we have a great and longstanding working relationship with them and we hope that this new agreement will enable us to provide an employment boost to the area, on top of ensuring the highest quality of water.”

We will carry out proposed works which will involve the repairs to existing water retaining structures, including but not limited to Service Reservoirs, Water Towers and Water Tanks.

Working from bases in Scotland, England and Wales, we have a portfolio full of the UK water industry’s biggest names and currently hold framework agreements with Scottish Water, Dwr Cymru, Severn Trent and Anglian Water.

Not only do we have a wealth of experience, we are hugely innovative and continuously evolves its range of services, using the latest materials and techniques, to go above and beyond client requirements.

More recently the use of specialist underwater submarines enabled clients to assess the condition of a wider pool of water storage structures as they inspect the facilities while they are still in service and online meaning there is no need to drain the tanks first and risk potential disruption to customers supplies.

Ian Weir, CEO of Panton McLeod, added: “We are an innovative company which provides value to our clients through always looking to expand the services we offer and through developing integrated solutions to meet industry challenges. As a result, we hope to work with United Utilities for many years to come.”

“We recently completed critical maintenance for the company at Scarth Hill Tower in Ormskirk, without causing disruption to the local water supply, and we feel that it is through successful projects such as this that have assisted us in tendering for such an important agreement.”

“We have been providing United Utilities with support in a less formal arrangement through our cleaning, inspection and robotics services, for many years, and we are now delighted to be a part of a framework agreement which can ensure we work together for the best results.”

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