UK first as PAX Mixer Installed Live into a Service Reservoir

ROV Placing PAX Mixer

Our team recently installed a PAX active jet mixer into a live service reservoir using a pair of ROVs, a first in the UK, possibly the world.

Watch the video here.

The addition of a mixer into a water storage asset can provide a number of key benefits.

These can include:

  • Reduced chlorine usage
  • Improved disinfection performance.
  • Reduction in disinfection by-products such as THMs.
  • The extension of the period required between routine cleans.
  • Reduction in the rate of biofouling formation.

We signed an agreement with the US firm back in August, for more details about the partnership follow this link.

For an overview of the technology visit our Outside the Fence treatment page here.

For more information, contact the team on 01896 663 330 or email

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