Prioritise short & long term pipework investment using MTA Pipe Inspector®

MTA Pipe Inspector

We are working with Austrian experts MTA Messtechnik to support clients in prioritising infrastructure investment.

Their range of MTA Pipe Inspector® units are non-tethered multi-sensor inspection tools that enable the video inspection of pipelines together with an integrated acoustic hydrophone, temperature gauge and pressure gauge for use in detecting leaks and evaluating pipeline integrity.

MTA Pipe Inspector® takes the guesswork out of untethered acoustic only devices by coupling acoustic references with video confirmation. Moreover, it identifies air or gas pockets in pressure systems through visual observation, which is not possible with conventional methods. Along with continuous pressure information, the pipeline inclination and pressure zones can be evaluated.

MTA Pipe Inspector® is battery powered and untethered allowing it to be transported with the existing fluid. Standard equipment permits the collection of video, sound, pressure and temperature information for up to 10 hours. Where required extended batteries can be installed for longer runs. Unlike tethered systems where inspection lengths are typically limited to less than 1,000 m, Pipe-Inspector is applicable up to 50 km on a single deployment and can detect leaks with pinpoint accuracy down to 5l/h at 5bar.

The team at Panton McLeod are excited to be supporting existing and new clients with this service, Jim Panton, Panton McLeod CEO explains, “Working with the team at MTA Messtechnik gives us the opportunity to support our clients to prioritise investment and drive efficiency in the allocation of resources.”

“As a business, we are focused on smart sustainable solutions to water challenges across the UK and Ireland. The ability to target investment in infrastructure using the data collected by the MTA Pipe Inspector® is essential in this vision.”

More information about MTA Messtechnik including a recent case study highlighting how MTA Pipe Inspector identified a leak unnoticed by other above-ground techniques can be found here

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