PAX Water – THM Removal/Chlorine Residual Control trials gain momentum

PAX Mixer

The partnership between Panton McLeod and Californian based PAX Water Technologies is showing great potential to improve water quality through both the removal of disinfection by-products such as THMs and improving chlorine residual control.

Interest in the innovative water quality solution has been increasing steadily with trial sites identified for a number of the most innovative UK water companies.

Additionally, a recent PAX trial project included what it is believed to be the UK first (possibly a world first) when an active mixer was installed into a live service reservoir. The live installation used one of Panton McLeod’s fleet of dedicated potable water ROVs to collect the mixer from beneath the access hatch before positioning it at the far side of the reservoir, all completed without any impact on water quality.

Jim PantonCEO, is looking forward to further projects being identified in 2016, At present, a number of our key clients have identified assets for trial works, we know from discussions with PAX in California that every one of their projects to date has met or exceeded its project goal in terms of THM. Because of this, I believe as our UK projects go live and deliver results more and more clients will consider the PAX solution.

If you think your potable water assets would benefit from improved disinfection efficiency, increased chlorine residual control, extending cleaning frequency and a reduction in THM levels please get in touch through the usual channels.

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