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On-Site Hygiene

Just a few weeks after posting an article in the Institute of Water journal detailing our ‘new asset commissioning services‘ it was fantastic to receive some positive feedback from a key client that touched directly on the strengths discussed.

The feedback came from Costain, and in particular, from Richard Price, Project Manager at a major water production site, the background to the work is described below.

We have been involved in the project for around 2 years supporting the client with a variety of services including inspection, cleaning, disinfection, robotics and minor repair works.

On Friday 5th June, one of our teams based at the Midlands depot in Nottingham had been scheduled to complete some final cleaning and disinfection works to newly installed pipework.

But overnight it had become apparent that site conditions were changing and that some additional reservoir cleaning works to a critical asset would be required to maintain customer supplies.

Robert Unthank, our team leader attended site and was able to advise Costain of the benefits of our DWI Reg31 approved PM55 reservoir cleaning technique to both reduce return to service time and also to remove iron and manganese biofouling. Acting quickly Robert began to action a response in conjunction with our office based support staff.

Once the works were identified our office based staff were able to re-schedule our original works. The site team realised the work may extend into the weekend and instantly put themselves forward for selection ensuring continuity throughout the project over the weekend.

Cleaning the asset using PM55 removed the Iron and Manganese biofouling swiftly without causing any damage to the underlying concrete and brick.

The photo shows the team preparing to enter the asset under full water quality hygiene conditions, all equipment used within tanks and reservoirs is dedicated for use on potable water assets, is cleaned and disinfected before use, and then cleaned and stored hygienically between use.

After cleaning the asset, it was returned to service minimising any disruption to the overall project while protecting water quality to the end user.

As a thank you, Richard contacted our management team and praised the team for their response time, professionalism and attitude.

“The need to change the programme happened very rapidly, they attended just over an hour & a half after being called, which is amazing response time.”

“This challenge needed a swift and decisive response, and being able to rely on Panton McLeod and our other key supply chain partners certainly prevented any significant impact. It’s at times like these when you see the true calibre of those around you. All of them were first class.

Jim Panton was also thrilled with the response, “Our people are our biggest asset, and working together we have built a culture of common values.“

“One of the strongest themes within this culture is the desire to exceed our customer expectations. This situation allowed us to realise this goal, we are all very proud of the team’s efforts.

“We look forward to continuing our support for Costain on similar future projects during AMP6 and beyond“.

The original Institute of Water article ‘New Asset Commissioning Services‘ can be found here

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