Industrial cooling tower sump clean success

Panton McLeod Van Close-up

We recently made a successful return to the Ineos Chlor site at Runcorn to complete the cleaning of a key cooling tower water sump on the site. Through the use of robotic cleaning technology, we were able to remove sediment from the asset while it remained online, providing 100% uptime during the clean and preventing an expensive shutdown and alteration of onsite processes during the clean.

We had previously cleaned the cooling tower in 2007 and 2011, with the 2007 project marking the firm’s first Industrial water project.

Iain Weir, Chief Technical Officer said, “It’s great to be back at Ineos Runcorn, we have come a long way since our initial industrial project in 2007. We now have a range of cleaning and inspection machines including bespoke equipment for cooling tower applications, we have also improved our onsite waste treatment systems, with a zero liquid waste system now in place.”

During the project, we cleaned the cooling tower to remove natural sediment build up in the sump. This sediment buildup can reduce the efficiency of the tower and can potentially pose a legionella risk. Traditional cleaning methods include significant costs* both during the planning phase and also through lost productivity as parts of the site cannot be operated without the cooling tower operating.

Cleaning with this system also removes the need for specialist confined space entry works on a drain down and manually clean with all the inherent risks associated with that.

Bill Hoxworth, Contracts Manager on the Site Services section at Ineos Chlor at Runcorn was delighted with the project “I was very impressed with the Panton McLeod team, I was not involved during the previous projects in 2007 and 2011 so this was my first experience of the technology. The team were very knowledgeable and gave me confidence that our asset was safe in their hands. I have to say I think this was the easiest project I have had to manage relating to the cooling towers and I will look forward to working with them again in the future.”

*Actual costs of a shutdown are extremely difficult to quantify but it is widely accepted that significant savings are achieved by keeping the system online during the clean.

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