Widespread Robotic inspection programme guides future investment decisions

ROV Placing PAX Mixer

Our teams are currently completing a major asset base assessment programme using their fleet of robotic vehicles.

Teams from our Melrose HQ and satellite office on Tyneside are currently working through the entire asset base for a key client and are aiming to complete the works during February.

Due to security considerations, the name of the client cannot be shared and teams working on the project must also undergo a vetting process before working on the sites.

The project which will see around 90 service reservoirs, contact tanks and water towers inspected and the data will ensure future investment is optimised.

We operate a range of robotic vehicles, these include dedicated equipment for use in potable water and further equipment that can be used in industrial applications such as power stations and cooling towers.

The bespoke equipment provides the ability to inspect, clean and even take samples from within the water storage assets while they remain full and operational, all without affecting the quality of the stored water.

Once the assets are inspected the HD footage is edited and archived as well be being used to provide still photos for inclusion in their reports.

In addition to providing the asset condition reports, we use our 20+ years’ experience in the specialist field of Water Quality Engineering to help advise the client on the future investment decisions.

For more information about the range of robotic services please contact the team on 01896 663 330 or email info@pantonmcleod.co.uk

Example footage can be found on our youtube channel here

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