Swift Response to Nature’s Challenge: Emergency Inspection Reveals Risks Following Landslide

In a race against time, Panton McLeod received an urgent call on a Friday lunchtime, beckoning our team to respond to a landslide near a critical water treatment facility. The urgency of the situation prompted a two-hour drive, underscoring our commitment to swift action in times of crisis.

Upon arrival, our team wasted no time in conducting a comprehensive inspection, capturing crucial details revealed in a full online report submitted by 4:30 pm that very afternoon. The thermal imagery unveiled risks, with ground dampness at the landslide crown, run-off areas, and a damaged water main leaking actively during the examination. Notably, an area left of the landslide above the road showed substantial moisture.

This emergency landslide inspection serves as a testimony to Panton McLeod’s agility and commitment to rapid response. In the face of unforeseen challenges, our team’s ability to mobilize swiftly, assess promptly, and report efficiently underscores our unwavering dedication to safeguarding critical water systems.

Landslide overview
 Damage on water pipe
Thermal Image of the landslide