Quick Response helps Severn Trent Services


We have again lived up to our reputation for specialist emergency response by helping a client who needed urgent assistance.

When the Severn Trent Services management team at an important customer site realised they needed to re-commission some moth-balled assets, we were called to help out at short notice.

Ian Burtenshaw of Severn Trent Services was very impressed by the swift response “We realised late on Tuesday afternoon that we needed to increase our capacity for storage on site, we knew there were some assets available that we could not use in their current state and that needed urgent attention to ensure these tanks would provide the highest level of water quality.”

“Within 24 hours the Panton McLeod team had already inspected, cleaned and disinfected one of the assets and we were re-commissioning it into our network. A further 24 hours later and another 3 assets were ready for use.”

“I can not thank Panton McLeod enough, their guys arrived with all the required equipment to complete the job safely including all necessary Method Statements, Risk Assessment and COSHH data, it really shows that they are set up to respond to clients needs.”

“As the tanks had been out of service for some time the team used our Reg 31 listed PM88 cleaning products to clean and disinfect the tanks, PM88 is effective against a number of possible contaminants including Bacti failures, Crypto and even Hydrocarbons.”

Paul Henderson, Business Development Director at Panton McLeod also praised the team “Conditions can often change quickly within a potable water network and therefore we are used to responding to client’s critical needs at short notice. In these situations, our guys often go above and beyond the call of duty which is fantastic.”

“David Leitch and his team have been brilliant on this project and it is great that their efforts been recognised by Ian in this way, I would also like to thank them for their hard work.”

“Cleaning the tank in this way has ensured that Ian can return the tanks to supply safe in the knowledge that water quality will be at the highest level. Now the tanks are back into supply the site can operate with greater resilience which gives us all huge satisfaction.”

For more information, contact the team on 01896 663 330 or email info@pantonmcleod.co.uk

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