Perfect 100% site audit score recorded

Achilles Verified

We are delighted to announce that our site teams have achieved preliminary 100% scores for our onsite Achilles audit for the second year running.

On top of this perfect result the offsite audit scores also increased across the board. Once final confirmation is available we will share the breakdown but we would like to say well done for everyone in the team for keeping such high standards.

Read more about our dedication to Health, Safety, Wellbeing, Quality and the Environment below:


We believe that our employees are amongst our greatest assets and place great emphasis on their health, safety, welfare and wellbeing. We fully accept our obligations to ensure the health and safety of our employees, as well as others that may be affected by our work. These obligations are reflected in our Health and Safety Policy and our commitment to comply with all Health and Safety legislation, prevent injury and provide information and training to our staff. Our experienced staff are fully trained in confined space working and hold EUSR National Water Hygiene cards. Other training relevant to our activities is held by selected individuals to ensure our teams are able to operate and deliver services, as safely as possible. Key staff from Director level down hold NEBOSH and IOSH accredited Health and Safety Qualifications.


At Panton McLeod, we are dedicated to delivering the highest levels of quality, both in terms of delivery of service and maintenance of our management systems. Registered to ISO9001:2008, through its various iterations, since 2005, we strive to work in partnership with our clients to deliver the most appropriate solutions to meet their requirements. Our commitment to quality orientated solutions is fully understood by all our staff and is continually reinforced through our quarterly “Company Values” events.


We understand our responsibilities to the environment, and not just from a company point of view; it’s our environment too and we believe in looking after it for our children. We encourage the use of local businesses, in our areas of operation, to develop the local economy, and minimise environmental impacts. We are committed to the minimisation of waste and encourage reduction, reuse and recycling activities, internally and in our supplier partners where possible. With a fully documented Environmental Management System we are now working towards the attainment of ISO14001:2004 accreditation.