On dial for the Festive SOS

team working

Institute of Water announces that we will be on call 24/7 this festive period, providing the UK water industry with an additional line of defence against emergency problems.

The news comes as most of the country prepares to take a well-earned break during Christmas and New Year showing the dedication of the team to support the UK water industry in any way it can.

We will provide emergency assistance to any water suppliers affected by the cold weather throughout the Scottish Borders, Nottingham and Caerphilly, South East Wales.

Iain Weir, Chief Operating Officer, said: “Because of the nature of our work, we cannot shut down over the Christmas holidays and will have staff on stand-by 24 hours a day as part of our Emergency Response service.

“The nightmare scenario for any water company is if something goes wrong over a national holiday as many people are at home during this time of year and relying on their water supplies for everything from preparing Christmas dinner to bringing the New Year in with friends and family.”

Under our emergency standby service, we will be on hand to inspect, clean and repair facilities affected by the cold weather, as well as dealing with any contamination issues experienced by major UK utility companies.

For more information, contact the team on 01896 663 330 or email info@pantonmcleod.co.uk

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