Elios 3 Confined Space Drone Revolutionizes Inspections with 3D Laser Scanning

Our Elios 2 drone has revolutionized inspections of challenging confined spaces over the past three years, offering improved safety, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. Now, we are excited to introduce our latest innovation, the Elios 3 confined space drone. With the addition of LiDAR technology, this advanced drone takes inspections to new heights, providing accurate survey-grade 3D laser scanning capabilities as a standard feature. In just a few minutes, our Elios 3 drone can capture highly detailed digital elevation and terrain models, delivering significant benefits for design projects, defect evaluation, and change tracking.

LiDAR-Enabled 3D Laser Scanning:

The Elios 3 drone’s integration of LiDAR technology represents a breakthrough in inspections. Now equipped with LiDAR, the drone offers precise survey-grade 3D laser scanning capabilities for every inspection. By harnessing airborne LiDAR, our drone swiftly generates highly accurate digital elevation and terrain models. Traditional inspection methods that previously required hours, days, or even weeks can now be completed in mere minutes. This advancement revolutionizes the inspection process, providing unparalleled speed and accuracy.

Applications and Benefits:

The inclusion of 3D laser scanning in our inspections opens up a range of applications and benefits. Design-stage projects can take advantage of the precise 3D mapping capabilities, enhancing visualization and planning. Defect evaluation becomes more efficient and accurate, enabling swift identification and analysis. Additionally, our technology enables the creation of digital twins for Building Information Modeling (BIM) applications and revit models. The Elios 3 drone empowers data-driven decision-making and streamlined project management.

To showcase the capabilities of our Elios 3 confined space drone, we have prepared a brief video demonstration featuring an inspection of a sea drainage culvert. With the drone’s 3D laser scanning capabilities, we captured detailed information and imagery of the confined space, facilitating comprehensive assessment and analysis. This video serves as a testament to the incredible potential of the Elios 3 drone, highlighting its ability to deliver accurate and efficient results.

The introduction of our Elios 3 confined space drone marks a significant advancement in inspections of challenging and hazardous confined spaces. Through the integration of LiDAR technology for survey-grade 3D laser scanning, we can swiftly capture highly precise digital elevation and terrain models. This breakthrough transforms the inspection process, offering improved safety, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. Whether for design projects, defect evaluation, or creating digital twins for BIM applications, the Elios 3 drone sets a new standard for inspections. We invite you to watch our short video demonstration to witness the impressive capabilities of the Elios 3 drone in action.