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We are delighted to add the Tomahawk mains cleaning and preparation system to our range of services.

Tomahawk which has been developed by Canadian firm Envirologics Engineering Inc. is a trenchless rehab technology that uses a high-volume, low-pressure airstream to prepare the internal surfaces of pipes.

After preparation, the pipes are left dust free, clean and dry allowing any lining technology can be applied to the pipe wall immediately, including CIPP (cured-in-place pipe) or SIPP (sprayed-in-place pipe) technologies.

Jim Panton is now working with leading utilities to identify pilot projects, “The Tomahawk system is a great fit for us, our services support water companies and their Tier 1 suppliers to protect and improve water production and distribution assets.”

“Tomahawk allows us to extend this offering to the refurbishment of existing cast and ductile iron mains, improving water quality, preventing discolouration incidents, increasing hydraulic capacity and preventing leakage and bursts.”

“We are excited to be able to offer this new method of mains cleaning in the UK. Designed to be used ahead of re-lining, the key advantages over traditional methods are the speed at which is can clean pipe sections whilst also leaving them (and any connected service pipes) dry and dust free ensuring a fantastic bond for the lining product.”

Tomahawk can remove tuberculations and old bitumen/tar linings from pipes from 100mm to 300mm in diameter. Unlike other preparation systems, Tomahawk offers superior cleaning and leaves internal surfaces clean, dry and dust free ready for immediate liner application ensuring a long-term leak-free performance.

The surface preparation is completed by introducing graded abrasives into a high volume low-pressure airstream, and by using a vacuum unit to extract the material from the pipe section all waste materials are captured and can be easily removed from the site for reuse.

To find out more about how Tomahawk can deliver industry-leading cleaning and ensure your re-lining investment returns the exceptional performance that only comes from a dry, clean and dust free surface bond contact the team on 01896 663 330 or email

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