Case Study – Panton McLeod saves local business from Storm Desmond

Storm Desmond Damage

A group of engineers spent their Sunday morning together at the pub, but rather than sharing a couple of drinks, they were helping protect the local business from the effects of Storm Desmond.

The team of 6 who all live in the Scottish Border town of Hawick responded to a call for help early on Sunday morning, and by the end of the day they had pumped out nearly 1 million pints of water.

Michael Hook, Key Account Manager at Panton McLeod explains, “Over the course of the weekend the torrential rain and high winds lead to steadily rising river levels, by Saturday night the river broke its bank and began to affect local properties. It was terrible to see the damage being caused to our hometown.”

“On Sunday morning I received a call from Eddie Hall who runs the Trinity Bar, he was very upset that the flood water had entered the cellar of the property and was continuing to rise. Eddie knows that I work for Panton McLeod and that we are often engaged by Water Companies during emergency situations, he wondered if we could help.”

“After a few phone calls we came up with a plan, Mark Batten (Panton McLeod Operations Manager) and I headed over to our Melrose HQ and collected some of our raw water pumping equipment. When we returned we were joined by four more colleagues in Steve Cook, Steven Turnbull, Gary Bowie and Craig Learmonth and began pumping out of the cellar. I would like to thank the guys for their help, giving up their Sunday to help out a local business shows the character of our team. I am sure once the town is back to normal they may just get a chance to share a couple of beers on the house.”

Eddie Hall, landlord at the Trinity Bar also praised their efforts, “I would just like to say a huge thank you to Panton McLeod, and the lads themselves especially, offering to help a local business like this without any commercial return shows real community spirit. With the help of the guys we prevented any further damage and were even able to open on Sunday.”

Well done lads!

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