Case Study – Commissioning Services


Our expertise makes us the first choice when commissioning new and refurbished pipelines into service and we are unrivalled in specialist cleaning and disinfection services designed specifically for the maintenance of pipework.

By providing a single interface between specialist and principal contractor the commissioning process is more efficient reducing the overall project length, additionally, our reputation for excellence in Water Quality and hygienic working practices allows for the removal of duplicated supervision.

Commissioning services include:

  • Consultancy & Advice – Engineers are often asked to provide advice at the detailed design stage ensuring that pipework can be installed with safer and swifter commissioning in mind, this can include modification to sample points, the provision of de-chlorination chambers or the location of air release valves and washout points.
  • Pipeline Flushing and Swabbing – With dedicated potable water equipment and extensive experience our engineers are able to remove any residual construction debris and entrapped air.
  • Pressure Testing – Through the use of GPS tracked data loggers, offsite 3rd party verification and bespoke equipment pressure testing can be completed with full traceable assurance for the end client. Testing is always completed to the latest standards and with minimal disruption to the program.
  • Pipeline Cleaning & Disinfection – Whether it is 3 metres of 50mm or 12,000m of 900mm we can take on the project. They able to employ a variety of methods and products to best suit the asset and its surroundings including the removal of contaminants such as cryptosporidium and hydrocarbons.
  • Flood Testing and Asset Condition Grading – During commissioning we are often asked to provide an independent assessment of the asset condition to the shared end client.
  • Reservoir Cleaning & Disinfection – As industry leaders, we can provide a range of cleaning and disinfection methodologies similar to those offered to the pipelines to suit the asset. This can include PM55 & PM88 chemical treatment, low-pressure cleaning to protect the asset substrate or high-pressure cleaning where required.
  • Onsite Waste Treatment – Where commissioning works produce wastewaters we are able to provide a full range of treatment options to ensure compliance with EA or SEPA discharge consents. All of our procedures have been designed to provide a cost-effective, sustainable and portable solution often removing the need for liquid waste to be removed from the site.
  • Reactive Snagging or Repair Works – Although every new build project aims to be delivered without any snagging it is prudent to have a partner who is agile enough to help out if issues are identified at short notice. Panton McLeod teams are multi-disciplined and are often able to carry out reactive waterproofing, protective coating or joint works to ensure “into supply” dates are met.

All of these factors have resulted in us being integral to many of the largest and highest profile investments including the expansion to Frankley WTW in Birmingham in 2010 and 2014 and the Loch Katrine and Glencorse WTW projects in Scotland.

In 2010 the upgrade to the GAC plant at Frankley required over 13 megalitres of water to be pumped, dosed and disposed of safely but we can be equally important on the smallest rural scheme involving only a few hundred litres of water.

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