Using our PM Cleaning System we can remove biofouling through a low pressure/chemical process delivered in a wide spray. This allows application to much larger areas and as we use extending lances scaffolding isn't required.

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Benefit & Feature Comparison - Confined Space Cleaning Methods

Benefit Washdown & Chlorination PM55 Cleaning PM88 Cleaning
Clean Sludge from Floor Yes Yes Yes
Clean loose deposits from walls Yes Yes Yes
Remove standard Fe and Mn Bio-fouling No Yes Yes
Remove Heavy Fe and Mn Biofouling No Partial Yes
Effective Against Cryptosporidium No Partial Yes
Remove Diesel Contamination No No Yes
Remove Solvents No No Yes
Serious Bacteriological Contamination No No Yes

We believe that our employees are amongst our greatest assets and place great emphasis on their health, safety, welfare and well-being. We fully accept our obligations to ensure the health and safety of our employees, as well as others that may be affected by our work. These obligations are reflected in our Health and Safety Policy and our commitment to comply with all Health and Safety legislation, prevent injury and provide information and training to our staff.

Our experienced staff are fully trained in confined space working and hold EUSR National Water Hygiene cards. Other training relevant to our activities is held by selected individuals to ensure our teams are able to operate and deliver services, as safely as possible. We have key staff who hold NEBOSH and IOSH accredited Health and Safety Qualifications.



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