Drone Water Sampling

Enabling quick and effective water sampling in difficult to reach locations at specific depths.

What are the benefits of drone water sample collection?

Lower risk than other methods:  Manual collection methods rely on people collecting water samples often in less than ideal conditions. With our system no-one is over the water at any time.

Highly repeatable survey method:  Survey can be precisely re-run in the future, with the drone covering the exact same locations.

Survey Accuracy:  We are using survey grade equipment to capture location information to provide you with data you can trust.

Access those difficult areas: where there is not enough draft for a boat or access to the water itself is difficult or dangerous our system enables access.

Increased speed of survey: Mobilisation is typically slow with a marine project using a boat, but using a drone is considerably faster.

Where boats are not allowed:  The drone is an option if a boat is not permitted in a location (eg drinking water) or where it is dangerous to launch a boat.

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The sampling platform

We are able to capture water samples in difficult to access locations at definable depths. With a built in mm wave radar the height of the drone above the water can be accurately measured and the system automatically captures a sample at the required depth.

The drone is also equipped with survey grade RTK gps system to deliver accurate location data for sample collection.

Sample collection

The system is designed to adjust the movement speed of the capture container throughout the process to ensure more precise depth control and representative water samples.

In the event of the container being trapped there is an emergency release function to ensure the continued safe operation of the drone.

There are 4 different container types enabling different sample sizes and the capture of corrosive liquids.

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