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Scottish Water Embrace “New World” Change

Scottish Water’s Transformation objectives include the desire to find “changes in processes, people and systems to better align the company with its business strategy and vision”, to “produce an improved state of things” and the “need to be willing to transform in order to stimulate innovation”.

While phrases like that might be dismissed as jargon, you don’t need to spend too long with Nisarg Hirani, General Manager – Transformation, to realise that there is an impressive depth beneath the sentiment of phrases like that. He is responsible for a business wide transformation programme focusing on making the organisation fit for the future by combining the collective intelligence of the people network with the thoughtfully harnessed power of current and emerging technology.


Inspections & Surveys

Surf's up at Scottish Water! 

Flying into the Future with our confined space drone!

'Harnessing the Power of Data' - Scott McGoldrick

'Harnessing the Power of Data' - Dr Duncan Bury

Leakage - Finding hard to reach leaks

The Importance of Service Reservoir Maintenance with Simon Parsons

Service Reservoir Maintenance in Scotland with Matt Bower, DWQR

Digitisation in the Water Industry - Rob Mustard, Director of Scottish Water

Theory Driven Data with Dr Vanessa Speight

Benefits of ROV inspections - Kev Friedl

Perform Safe, Fast & Cost-Effective Inspections!

Confined Space Drone

Private Water Supplies

How to Maintain the Perfect Service Reservoir

University of Sheffield pipe dreams laboratory

Confined Space Drone Survey - South East Water

Getting the most from your Stored Water Asset

Inspect & Clean with 100% Uptime

Cleaning & Disinfection

Benefits of Robotic Cleaning for Northumbrian Water

Robotic Sediment Removal

Work Hard, Play Hard!

NEW Gravity Filter Bed Cleaning method set to reduce costs by UP TO 70%!

PM100 Bio-Foul removal agent used below the water line to clean wells

Gravity Filter Bed Cleaning at Yorkshire Water

Why science matters in the cleaning of Service Reservoir

Importance of understanding Storage Assets & how they operate

Service Reservoirs and how they impact Water Quality

Clean it or clean it properly?

Robotic Sediment Removal - Connor Flockhart

Working in Partnership in Ireland

Why replace media and fittings when you can clean them?

Water Quality Improvements

THM Reduction with Ethan Brooke, UGSI Solutions

NWG - Leading the way in Industry Innovation

Residual Control Systems in the Distribution Network

Active Mixing for Water Quality in Distribution

Reducing Bacti Failures

New Partnership with Mackenzie Construction

A Short Interview with...Paul Horton

Nigel Watson - Northumbrian Water Group talks Innovation

Scottish Water Embrace “New World” Change

DWI Reg 31 Approval for Tank Mixing

Net Zero, Regulation and Moon Shots

Awesome & Proud

Ensuring Quality across the Business

3 of our Employees qualify as Mental Health First Aiders

The Big Man and his Wee Reindeer!

One Year of EddyVision!


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