Anastasia Kennedy

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Anastasia, or Annie, joined the team in 2021 straight after completing her PhD, which focused on the assessment of service reservoir performance and its effect on drinking water quality in distribution systems, which she conducted at the University of Sheffield.

Although currently in the world of engineering, her background is in biology and she completed an MSc in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology and a BSc in Biology both at Queen Mary, University of London.

Random Fact 1: Annie can assemble a disarticulated spinal column from scratch, a skill she learned during her MSc where her research was focused on the morphology of spinal columns of animals that can roll themselves into a ball!

Random Fact 2: Annie is a nature fiend and in her spare time loves to hang out with animals, which once involved her taking a 3-week trip to Costa Rica to volunteer at a sloth sanctuary!

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