Additional Inspection Services

Dead Spot Sampling™ Palintest

Leakage Assessment – Dye Injection
Leakage in tanks and vessels has not only implications in terms of non-revenue water but is also an indication of structural integrity. If left to run, leaks can cause significant damage to the integrity and ground support of the asset which greatly increases the risk of catastrophic failure. Identifying water egress is extremely challenging due to the inaccessibility of the asset and impossible once drained. Our innovative approach uses a combination of techniques to ensure any egress is identified with no interruption to the live operation of the asset. Our ROV dye injection system utilises a potassium permanganate solution (commonly used in water treatment) which is capable of visually locating areas of egress. The ROV is used to visually screen the asset for areas where egress is likely to occur and then inject small amounts of dye directly onto these areas. The dispersion of the dye enables us to accurately identify points at which fluid is leaving the tank. Leaks can be identified and follow-up interventions can be scoped, planned and cost without any impact on customer service.

Dead Spot Sampling™
This method of sampling targets specific tank components which may be having a detrimental impact on water quality. It can often be the case that joints, walls or simply the tank layout itself leads to an inadequate flow of water through the tank. Water quality samples can also be taken at various points within the reservoir using the Dead Spot Sampling™ equipment to investigate if chlorine demand varies within the structure. This can then eliminate risks which may materialise into quality failures at the customers’ taps. Dead Spot Sampling allows businesses to make proactive investment decisions and also build their knowledge and understanding of their asset base.

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