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Over the next 25 years the water industry faces future challenges from ageing assets, climate change, tightening financial and environmental standards and a potential experience vacuum as retirement beckons for many who have held the industry together for decades. That’s why we have launched our EddyVision Channel. Just our little contribution to sharing great thinking and initiatives for holding it all together as we look out into the future.

We'd be delighted to hear from anyone who would like to offer thoughts, ideas or content for the channel. Please get in touch via eddy@pantonmcleod.co.uk

Nigel Watson, Director of Northumbrian Water Group talks Innovation

Nigel highlights Northumbrian Water Group's changing approach to Innovation as they prepare for the next AMP period and how he sees Innovation being even more important than before as they set out to the achieve the Business Plan targets for the period.

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Service Reservoir Maintenance in Scotland with Matt Bower, DWQR

Matt talks to us briefly about why the DWQR are particularly focused on Service Reservoir Maintenance in Scotland and about the progress being made.

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The Importance of Service Reservoir Maintenance with Simon Parsons

Simon visits us on site and talks briefly about the importance of Service Reservoir Inspections, Cleaning, and Maintenance from a Water Quality and Public Health point of view.

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'Water Treatment' in Distribution with Tom Caulfield

Our live webinar in conjunction with our US partners UGSI, looking at water treatment beyond the treatment plant - including; mixing, THM reduction and Residual Control in distribution.

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Gravity Filter Bed Cleaning with Yorkshire Water

Using a recent example at Yorkshire Water, we look at utilising our PM Solution in the cleaning of Gravity Filter Beds. Iron & Manganese bio-fouling reduces the performance of gravity filter beds causing blocked airlines and nozzles which reduces backwash and air scour performance.

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A Short Interview with...Paul Horton

Jim Panton talks to Paul Horton, CEO of Future Water Association about the challenges facing the water industry in the next five year period, including the increasing importance of innovation for operations and maintenance.

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