Confined Space Drone Report

New Quay


Inspection Date: 27/09/19

Asset Layout


Inspection Details


Dwr Cymru

Job Type CSD Inspection
Weather Heavy Rain
Wind 11.5 mph
Site Conditions Extremely Wet

52.215764, -4.358740

Above Ground No


Video Footage

Q23094: New Quay sewage misconnection culvert drone survey
Full flight

Notes from Pilot

This was a challenging job for the confined space drone primarily due to the on-going rainfall and the resulting amount of drainage water flowing down through the culvert.  We did call the day before to discuss the weather and the possibility of postponing the job but were encouraged to go ahead.

Unfortunately, as can be seen from the footage included in the report, the combination of water dripping through the top of the culvert and spray from the flow of water coming down caused the camera and sensors to become too wet and unusable.  The inspection, therefore, had to be aborted after approximately 20m in from the beach end of the culvert.

The footage does show the culvert to be in good condition over that roughly 20m and no obvious signs of any inlets to the culvert over that section was identified.  The footage does show a reasonably steep climb in the culvert heading up under the village along with a bend to right (that would bring the culvert into line with the road above) just beyond where the drone was able to reach.

An attempt to enter the culvert via a manhole cover further up the road was also abandoned due to a sudden downpour and increase in water entering into that section of the culvert.

We would be happy to continue discussions around other methodologies we may be able to offer to try and complete the remaining sections of interest in the culvert that the drone was not able to get to.  


Today your Drone Pilot was:

Jim Panton
01896 663 330


Today your Drone Pilot was:

Grant Purdie
01896 663 330