Confined Space Drone Report

Accrington Culvert


Inspection Date: 20/09/19

Asset Layout


Inspection Details

Client J N Bentley
Job Type CSD Inspection
Weather Party Cloudy
Wind Negligible
Site Conditions Sunny, Dry

53.762947, -2.396243

Above Ground No


Notes from Pilot

Video Footage

You will see from the videos that we did not discover anything that wasn't already marked up on the drawings.  Importantly the stretch under the access road - which we have estimated on a speed, time and distance basis and extended to a roughly 30m stretch (to cover off any timing errors on that) - all looks good at the moment. 

We encountered a signal range challenge because of the difficult access at the South end, so were not able to get to about 50m of the total culvert length.  We managed approx 200m from the North though, with good signal strength all the way.

Accrington Culvert North Side
Full flight

Accrington Culvert South Side
Full flight

Areas of Interest

5m long open joint at crown

Offshoot 1

Access track

Circumferential crack

Turning point - North flight

Offshoot 2 & turning point South flight


Today your Drone Pilot was:

Jim Panton
01896 663 330


Today your Drone Pilot was:

Grant Purdie
01896 663 330