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At Panton McLeod, we supply a comprehensive range of products to customers of all sizes. That's why we're recognised as market leaders in Water Quality Engineering, with over 20 years industry knowledge and experience.

PAX Installation

Traditionally service reservoirs and other potable water storage assets have been considered as places where water quality is at best maintained, but we are now changing industry perceptions by offering a range of in tank solutions.

By combining a key partnership with PAX Water Technologies and in-house Dead Spot Sampling™ techniques we can assess and improve water quality in distribution beyond the Treatment Plant.

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Our partnership with 'Join The Pipe' provides FREE drinking water to the public with the aim of reducing plastic bottle waste. All whilst helping fund water and sanitation projects in developing nations.

They are the first social network of tap water drinkers with the dream of building the longest water pipe in the world, long enough so that everyone, everywhere has access to clean drinking water. They also work hard to bring awareness to the environmental impact of the production and waste of bottled water.

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Join The Pipe

MTA Pipe-Inspector is an autonomous leak detection and inspection device that can be deployed into live mains whether they are potable water, waste, hydro or industrial.

Once deployed the equipment follows the flow taking HD optical and acoustic readings from a cable-less platform. The equipment is suitable for pipe diameters from 100mm up to 3000mm and can complete sections up to 50km with a single deployment.

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The Tomahawk™ System restores deteriorated pipes using abrasives in a high-volume, low-pressure airstream to clean and dry the pipe in preparation for lining, while using little to no water.

Alongside Envirologics Engineering Inc. we are providing the Tomahawk System to the UK & Ireland, supporting superior mains rehab and inspection.

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Tomahawk Pipe

We are now offering for retail sale, our PM100 chemical cleaning formula, direct to market. PM100 is the patented, industry leading cleaning chemical for water tanks and service reservoirs.

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