MTA Pipe Inspector

We are working with Austrian partners MTA Messtechnik GmbH to support clients in prioritising infrastructure investment through challenging asset inspections.

Their range of MTA Pipe Inspector units are un-tethered multi-sensor inspection tools that enable the video inspection of pipelines and culverts together with an integrated acoustic hydrophone, temperature gauge and pressure gauge for use in detecting leaks and evaluating pipeline, culvert or aqueduct integrity.


gravity & pressure inspectors


Pressure inspector

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Long range flow through

MTA Pipe Inspector is battery powered and untethered allowing it to be transported with the existing fluid flow.

Standard equipment combines video, sound, pressure, temperature with options for turbidity and conductivity information for between 3 hours (for up to 100mm pipes) and 14 hours 1500 to 3000mm systems.

Combining video and audio data allows for leak identification in pressure systems and silent observations with chainage for issue location.


Unlike tethered systems where inspection lengths are typically limited to around 1,000 m, Pipe-Inspector is applicable up to between 20km and 50 km on a single deployment, dependant on size of unit and flow rates, and can detect leaks with pinpoint accuracy down to 5l/h at 5bar. An on-board device tracking system enables location of the device from the surface.

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Pipe Inspector Brochure

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