Asset Inspection


Fast, safe and cost effective water quality inspections identify key risks, help plan maintenance and drive better asset performance. Asset data is captured during planned shutdown using confined space entry or while the asset remains full and / or in service using dedicated potable water robotic equipment.

Pressure has never been higher on the water industry to improve water quality while also reducing overall cost. Key to this challenge is the ability to accurately prioritise investment. Our team can assist by providing standardised asset reports grading condition, all data is captured electronically and held centrally for later assessment.

Using HD cameras assets can be inspected while in operation, while fully loaded any stress related defects can be seen in their true state. The removal of often lengthy and costly isolation planning means that large numbers of assets can be inspected within a short period allowing investment prioritisation ahead of a proactive funding period.

Where assets are expected to be behaviour unusually or where a failure is suspected then the ROV can quickly investigate without the delay associated with drain-down methods. Where appropriate the ROV can be used to trace expected leakage route, DWI approved tracers can be injected at the point of suspected leakage while the asset is full and under full loading.

Additional inspection services provided include:

  • Full Structural Assessment
  • Dead Spot Sampling™
  • ‘Under Load’ Flood Testing
  • Cleaning Need Assessment
  • Dye Injection
  • Monitoring Of Intrusive Works

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Confined Space Entry

  • Fully trained confined space teams
  • Inspections completed during cleaning window
  • Water quality risks communicated immediately
  • Small scope defects resolved during works
  • Return to service in most efficient manner

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Live Robotic Inspection

  • Dedicated potable water robotic fleet
  • Asset can remain in service during inspection
  • Water quality risks communicated immediately
  • Future cleaning & repairs can be pre-planned
  • True assessment of asset under full loading

Read our discussion paper “True Flood Test Must Be Live Using ROVs

Flood testing of access hatches during inspection

Panton McLeod have been a trusted supplier for over 15 years, their knowledge of our asset base and assistance in overcoming shared challenges is key to our business.

Jonathon Wroe, Severn Trent.

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