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Panton McLeod are dedicated to supporting our clients to protect, maintain & improve water quality within treatment and distribution systems, collectively we call our range of products and services Water Quality Engineering.

Holding 6 major frameworks and supporting the whole of the UK water industry from 4 regional bases, Panton McLeod focus on providing exceptional service and innovative solutions to current and future industry challenges.

With over 20 years experience working within the highly regulated water industry all Panton McLeod systems are designed to provide our clients with the assurance expected when working in and around potable water.

Find out more about our industry accreditation, quality assurance systems and latest Achilies UVDB and Verify audit scores here.

As a team we currently inspect, clean or repair around 1000 assets a year under 6 main service streams :

  • Asset Inspection: Condition assessment using traditional confined space entry and robotic non-invasive techniques
  • Cleaning & Disinfection: Traditional confined space entry reservoir cleaning, robotic non-invasive cleaning & proprietary DWI Reg 31 approved PM55 / PM88 products designed to remove iron & manganese biofouling, cryptosporidium & hydrocarbons.
  • Pipeline Commissioning: Pressure testing, swabbing, flushing, disinfection, mains cleaning, decontamination.
  • Mixers & THM Removal: Supply and installation of PAX Water mixing and THM removal systems.
  • Water Quality Support: Strategic support & planning, consultancy and best practice training.
  • Emergency Response: All of our services are available in emergency to protect supplies.

Our goal is to protect and improve Water Quality for our client, in the most effective and efficient manner.

We also understand that to be truly effective requires the correct culture, one where our team must hold, and act upon a common set of values.

To that aim we have developed our company values in conjunction with our team, we now aim to be AWESOME as a team, and are rightly PROUD of this.

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