Mixing & THM Removal


Traditionally service reservoirs and other potable water storage assets have been considered as places where water quality is at best maintained, but Panton McLeod are now changing industry perceptions by offering a range of in tank solutions that improve water quality out in the distribution network.

By combining a key partnership with US firm PAX Water Technologies and in-house Dead Spot Sampling™ techniques Panton McLeod can assess how the water in your asset behaves and where required specify a low energy and chemical free solution.

PAX Mixers

  • PAX Mixers use biomimicry to provide a low energy and chemical free solution minimising operational costs.
  • The elimination of dead spots through mixing creates uniform water age and quality, resulting in more predictable networks.
  • Improved circulation allows for more efficient disinfection lowering chlorine use.
  • By reducing sediment deposition cleaning frequencies can be extended.
  • Due to their compact size, PWM 100 mixers can be installed live using robotic equipment.

Read some mixer case studies on the PAX Website

THM Removal System (TRS)

  • With future allowable limits for THMs expected to reduce many water companies are considering their reduction strategies.
  • PAX’s TRS system combines three non-chemical in tank interventions that provide guaranteed removal rates.
  • When compared to other solutions the PAX TRS system offers a lower cost and flexible solution.
  • With a typical lead time from site investigation to commissioning of 3-6 months allows water companies to address specific challenges.
  • If needed the TRS system can be moved to another asset if required.

Read the Scottish Water Case Study Case Study

Benefits of Mixers & TRS Systems

PAX MixersTRS SystemRCS System
Improves disinfection efficiencyXXX
Eliminate thermal and chemical stratificationXXX
Reduce sediment depositionXXX
Retard biofilm growthXXX
Prevents excessive water agingXXX
Provides guaranteed THM removalX
Allows complete disinfection management solutionX

When discussing the large THM removal project completed using a TRS installation at Tullich WTW in Oban, Harry Cook said the following.

“In terms of water quality, it kept us compliant in an unusually difficult winter where we were seeing elevated THM levels in other systems.”

“Instead of large changes in THM levels we now see steady results. We saw no impacts to our BacT samples during operation of the TRS”

“The results were instant and in line with predicted design parameters.”

Harry Cook, Capital Liaison Team Manager, Scottish Water

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